71,416 Original Miles


Manual Transmission
3.4L Inline 6
182 hp @ 5400 RPM*
214 lb/ft torque @ 4000 RPM*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 8.2 seconds
Top Speed: 140 MPH
*Base price in 1985: $41,315


*Seller Asking:


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Fast Facts:
  • With a base price of over $41k in 1985, the 635CSi was the most expensive car in BMW’s lineup, commanding $4,500 more than the equivalent 7 series. In fact, the E24 generation 6 series remained BMW’s flagship vehicle throughout its entire U.S production run (12 years)
  • The 635CSi uses the M30B34 engine straight from the 535i and 735i, and it shared many parts with the E28 5 series (this was essentially a two door 5 series, although, at over 16 feet long, it comes across more as a two door 7 series). The U.S impact bumpers are partially responsible for the substantial length, adding 6.5″ over the small-bumper Euro models
  • The E24’s “shark” styling was conjured up by no other than Paul Bracq – the same man who designed the Mercedes 230/250/280 SL roadster as well as the ultra-luxurious Mercedes 600
  • Choked by U.S emissions equipment and one of the lowest compression ratios in BMW’s history (8:1), the capable M30B34 powerplant could only muster up 182 horsepower in 1985. Less restrictive variations of this same engine produce over 220 horsepower
  • The low compression ratio was needed for more than just emissions requirements. It ensured compatibility with unleaded gas, which has a lower knock resistance compared to leaded gas (supposedly, BMW didn’t “officially” approve the use of unleaded fuels until the 1987 model year). In addition, ’80s automotive engine computers were primitive and had poor knock control. This forced engineers to rely heavily on mechanical “safety nets” to reduce the chance of knock, such as low static compression, aluminum pistons, etc
  • The M30 is the longest-running production engine in BMW’s history, lasting 27 years. Like many inline 6’s of the era, the M30 was overbuilt with a forged crankshaft and forged connecting rods
  • The M30’s aluminum head featured a “trispherical turbulence-inducing combustion chamber” that produced a more complete burning of the air/fuel mixture with low residual hydrocarbons. This engine was so clean for its time that it never required an air pump (smog pump) to meet U.S emissions requirements during its entire 27 year production run
Key Model Year Changes:
  • First year of the 635CSi in the states, replacing the 633CSi
  • The following year (1986) saw changes only to the options list, such as headlight wipers, rear A/C vents, shadowline finish, and a new rear spoiler
  • Changes didn’t occur until 1987, which saw new ellipsoid headlights, new front/rear bumpers, a new top-mounted oil filter, and more. 1987 was also the first year of the L6 trim, which had full leather interior and came standard with many options. L6’s could only be had in automatic
  • Significant mechanical changes didn’t occur until 1988 with the introduction of the slightly larger 3.5L producing 208 hp
  • Production of the E24 6 series ends in 1989


Seller Notes:
  • 71k original miles
  • One owner
  • Black over tan
  • Call for more info


  • Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico – (more photos below)
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