68,203 Original Miles


Automatic Transmission
5.7L TBI V8
210 hp @ 3800 RPM*
300 lb/ft torque @ 1600 RPM*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 9.7 seconds
Top Speed: 110 mph
*MSRP in 1989: $15,434


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • The K5 Blazer was a two-door SUV that rode on a shortened full-size HD truck chassis (K10)
    It’s essentially a shortened, 2 door Suburban that was designed to conquer any terrain
  • These trucks seat five and feature a 1,688 lb total payload capacity. Total gross vehicle weight (GVW) rating is 6,100 lbs. 1989 full-size Blazers are rated to haul up to 12,000 lbs including vehicle, trailer, people, equipment and cargo
  • An automatic hub locking system allows you to shift on the fly at up to 25 MPH (no stopping required)
  • This truck was tall, massive, and highly capable – so much so that it caught the eye of the military. A K5 Blazer was used as a testbed for a military vehicle prototype built by none other than Vic Hickey (creator of the HUMVEE). The production military model of the civilian K5 was known as the M1009 CUCV, and apparently, a few are still around today
  • Throttle body injection (TBI) came around in 1987. Prior to 1987, the K5 was available to California buyers only with a California-specific engine (this was a common GM protocol – offer a lower performing, lower emission engine for CA buyers to meet CA emissions, and offer a more powerful, less restricted engine to the other 49 states). Although this time, it’s the California buyers that were treated to a larger, more powerful engine (5.7L) than what was offered elsewhere (5.0L). The 5.7L made more power down low and didn’t rev as high, while the 5.0L made peak power higher up in the RPM range (160hp @ 4400 RPM, 235 @ 2000 RPM)
  • The K5 Blazer was superseded by the Tahoe in 1995
Key Model Year Changes:
  • The 2nd generation Blazer had a whopping 18 year lifespan (1973-1991)
  • The final facelift of this generation occurred this year, with a new grille and new side/front bumper moldings
  • New galvanized steel panels improve rust resistance
  • A single serpentine belt replaces the multi-belt system for the accessory drive
  • First year of basecoat/clearcoat paint
  • Axles are now 30 spline (up from 28)
  • First year for the NP-241 transfer case, which is driven by the speedometer cable for 1989 only


Seller Notes:
  • 68k original miles
  • Paint and interior are immaculate
  • Equipped with all power options – windows, door locks, power steering, and cruise control including power rear window
  • Everything works perfect
  • Aftermarket radio, and Viper car alarm that is integrated with the door locks
  • Runs great, starts right up. All maintenance up to date. Drive anywhere with the turn of the key
  • Absolutely no leaks or smoke
  • Goes through all the gears with without slipping
  • Heat works and A/C work perfect


  • Location: Temecula, California – (more photos below)
  • Update: craigslist ad has been deleted (sold)

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