55,000 Original Miles


Manual Transmission
3.0L Quad Cam V6
220 hp @ 6200 rpm*
200 lb/ft torque @ 4800 rpm*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 6.6 seconds
Top Speed: 143 MPH
*Base Price in 1989: $19,739


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • SHO = Super High Output. The engine is designed by Yamaha, and has one of the highest power to displacement ratios of the time for N/A engines @ 73.6 hp per liter. The oversquare design (bore larger than stroke) favors high RPM
  • The variable intake manifold has 12(!) runners. Below 4000 RPM, the engine breathes through 6 long, small diameter runners that favor low RPM torque. At 4000 RPM and beyond, butterfly valves open for the engine to breathe through short, large bore runners tuned for high RPM
  • Despite a 7000 RPM redline, the 3.0 V6 is capable of 8500 RPM. However, during testing, it was found that the accessories couldn’t cope with speeds that high. Rather than re-design the accessories, Ford simply reduced the redline, initiating fuel-cutoff @ 7300 RPM
  • There’s some uncertainty revolving around the development of the Taurus SHO. The most widely accepted story is that Ford contracted Yamaha in the early 80’s to design a high RPM engine for a 2 seater sports car (code named GN-34) designed to compete with the MR2, RX-7, and Nissan Z cars. However, changing market conditions meant that a 2 seat sports car wasn’t ideal for Ford
  • Now Ford needed a place to put all these Yamaha engines. They decided to play it safe and install it in one of their best selling cars: the Taurus. They paired it with a 5spd, stiffer suspension, 4 wheel disc brakes, and ground effects … and the rest is history
Key Model Year Changes:
  • The only year of the non-airbag steering wheel
  • The following year (1990) saw new wheels and many revisions to the interior, including a redesign of the dashboard, digital display cluster, and new airbag steering wheel. ABS and CD player are new options in 1990 as well
  • 1991 featured the rare “PLUS” model with a fiberglass hood (featuring a center bulge), rear deck spoiler, body colored trim, and more
  • 1991 concluded the 1st generation SHO. The 2nd gen began in 1992, which featured a redesign and weight gain of a couple hundred lbs. The auto trans and bigger 3.2 V6 become available in 1993
Seller Notes:
  • 55k original miles
  • 5spd manual
  • All original
  • Awesome history – was previously a promotion car for Ford
  • Have all maintenance records and a full box of paper work
  • Runs and drives great


  • Location: Sacramento, California – (more photos below)
  • Update: ad is no longer available (sold or expired)

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1989 ford taurus sho 5spd manual for sale classifieds 1

1989 ford taurus sho 5spd manual for sale classifieds 3

1989 ford taurus sho 5spd manual for sale classifieds 4

1989 ford taurus sho 5spd manual for sale classifieds 2

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