20,770 Original Miles


Manual Transmission
5.7L Quad Cam V8 LT5
405 hp @ 5800 rpm*
385 lb/ft torque @ 5200 rpm*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 4.3 seconds
Top Speed: 175 MPH
*Base Price in 1994: $67,443


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • The ZR-1’s LT5 V8 is arguably the most over-engineered engine in Corvette history. There is a 100k mile club for owners who surpass 5 digits on the odometer. This is astonishing considering the complexity of the LT5, which sported many “engineering firsts” at the time
  • ZR-1’s never came with the problematic Opti-Spark distributor found on base LT1 Corvettes. In fact, the LT5 had no distributor, period. It used a modern four-coil “direct-fire” system
  • The intake ports, valves, fuel injectors, and cam lobes are divided into two systems. The primary system, which engages below 50% throttle (or 3000 RPM), limits engine breathing through the primary ports and fires fuel through 8 injectors. In this mode, the ZR1 makes roughly 250hp
  • At WOT, the secondary port valves open, allowing air/fuel mixture through the secondary intake valves. These valves are actuated by cam lobes with a larger profile than the primary lobes (similar concept to VTEC). This activates all 16 fuel injectors. With all 32 valves wide open, the driver now experiences the full 405 hp
  • The DOHC LT5 is physically the biggest engine ever fitted to a Corvette. This made packaging a nightmare, as it was difficult to implement parts-sharing with the base model Corvette
  • The A/C compressor is the same for the ZR-1 as it is on the base ‘Vette, minus the automatic climate control unit that usually sits on top (it wouldn’t fit w/ the LT5). The A/C system had difficulty performing optimally due to the hotter under-hood temps of the ZR-1’s cramped engine bay. Rather than re-engineer a new A/C system, GM’s solution was to apply a special UV film on the windshield to keep interior temperatures down and make up the cooling deficit
  • During testing, however, it was realized that the film on the windshield prevented in-car radar detectors from working properly. The ingenious fix was to leave a small square opening in the film at the bottom of the windshield where buyers can mount a radar detector if they so choose
  • When the media asked what the opening in the windshield was, Chevrolet made up a response, stating it was a dedicated area for a “garage door opener”. Chevrolet would not openly admit the true reason, as this would encourage breaking the law
Key Model Year Changes:
  • First year of the 5 spoke wheels (replacing the old fanblade wheels
  • First year of the updated interior, which included new seats, steering wheel, and completely redesigned dash layout
  • Seat adjustment controls are moved to from the seats to the center console
  • Passenger side airbag replaces the glovebox. Storage compartments are added to the doors to compensate
  • New R134 A/C system replaces the old R12 setup
  • Driver’s window now has a one-touch “express” feature
  • The previous year (1993) is the first year of the updated Dunn cylinder heads. Horsepower rating goes from 375 to 405. Torque increases by 15 ft lbs
  • Only 448 ZR1’s were built in 1994
  • The final year (1995) saw an updated shifter. Reverse no longer requires lifting the collar on the shift lever
Seller Notes:
  • All original ZR1
  • Winner of five different NCRS awards
  • Near perfect
  • Garage kept and pampered its entire life
  • All options including Bronze roof panel
  • Clear bra added to the front, as well as rear wheels
  • New Michelin Pilot Sports (original tires included)
  • Original factory VHS Tape, owners manual, and window sticker


  • Location: Beavercreek, Oregon – (more photos below)
  • Update: ad has been removed (sold or expired)

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