42,289 Original Miles


Automatic Transmission
2.4L Supercharged Inline 4
161 hp @ 5000 rpm*
201 lb/ft torque @ 3600 rpm*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 10.3 seconds
Top Speed: 110 MPH
*Base Price in 1997: $29,438


*Seller Asking:


1997 toyota previa SC supercharged for sale
Fast Facts:

  • The Previa is one of the most unique minivans ever built, due mainly to its mid-engine RWD layout. The Previa replaced Toyota’s barbaic “Van” of the 80’s, which featured the same drivetrain configuration
  • The mid engine layout meant interior cargo space surpassed all of its front engined rivals. Up to 7 different seating configurations could be had, depending on options (2nd row captain’s chairs, etc). The layout also allowed for a large panoramic windshield that wouldn’t otherwise work on a front engined car
  • To minimize service costs, Toyota installed a compartment panel underneath the seats for engine access (to avoid having to drop the motor from the chassis for basic service). In addition, the 2TZ-FZE engine is of the timing chain type, so no timing belt service is required
  • To maximize space, the inline 4cyl was installed almost completely flat on its side (75 degree angle), While it allowed access to the spark plugs from up top, the procedure still required removal of the passenger seat, carpet, and access panel
  • A unique feature was the accessory drive. Toyota needed to keep the engine as compact as possible, so they designed an accessory driveshaft that placed all accessories (power steering, A/C, alt, radiator/fan, etc) to the front of the vehicle. Referred to as the Supplemental Accessory Drive System (or “SADS”), this helped even the weight distribution throughout the car, which improved handling and ride quality. Unfortunately, the accessory driveshaft limits the ability of fitting a larger engine. This was a problem, as the Previa’s initial 138hp offering was barely up to the task of towing and hauling heavy loads
  • Engineers came up with a clever idea: install an enlarged supercharger from the 80’s MR2 (W10). This wasn’t an easy decision, as their was no room for the supercharger to install in a conventional manner. The solution was to place it at the front of the vehicle, and have it belt driven off the accessory driveshaft with the other accessories. The supercharger is engaged via an electromagnetic clutch controlled by the ECU based on power demands
  • Despite being a fantastic minivan, it had two major flaws from a production standpoint. One was that it couldn’t share any platforms or engines with other Toyota models (everything had to be unique to the Previa to maintain this layout). This is costly for a manufacturer. Second, the IIHS didn’t find this mid-engine layout to be very safe, giving the Previa a “poor” rating. This was unacceptable for the typical minivan buyer. Toyota was forced to axe the Previa in ’97, switching to a typical front drive layout (the Sienna)
Key Model Year Changes:

  • Final year of the Previa in the States
  • Toyota made a few revisions to the drivetrain support to reduce engine noise and vibration
  • All 1996 and newer Previa’s came with supercharged engines
  • In the U.S, the Previa could be optioned with both AWD and a manual transmission. Unfortunately, the 5spd was only available from 1991 to 1993, which means it could never be optioned with the supercharged engine that came out in ’94

Seller Notes:

  • 42k original miles
  • Flawless interior
  • Service records. Excellent mechanical condition
  • Many factory options, including ABS, roof racks, and rear climate controls


  • Location: San Luis Obispo, California – (more photos below)
  • (ad is no longer available – sold or expired)
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