22,614 Original Miles


Manual Transmission
3.2L Inline 6
240 hp @ 6000 RPM*
236 lb/ft torque @ 3800 RPM*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 5.5 seconds
Top Speed: 155 mph
*Base Price in 1998: $42,200


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • The Z3 M debuted with 3.2L inline 6 (S52) from the E36 M3
  • 2001+ models received a the S54 engine from the E46 M3. While it was more powerful, it was a very different animal from the S52 in the older cars
  • With its unique individual throttle body setup, the S54 provided an increase of 75 horsepower over the S52 – yet it wasn’t quite as noticeable to the average buyer. There was only a modest increase in torque (12 ft lbs), and peak torque arrived over 1000 RPM later (4900 RPM versus 3800 RPM). Since horsepower doesn’t peak until a whopping 7400 RPM in the S54, both the old and new car feel similar around town, especially since the new one came with a (slightly) reduced final drive ratio. The power difference isn’t felt until higher up in the RPMs
  • BMW engineer Burkhard Göschel wanted to increase the rigidity of the roadster by making it into a fixed roof Coupe. The M Coupe almost didn’t make production, had Göschel’s team not convinced the Board of Directors to give it the green light
  • Göschel convinced the Board, saying an M coupe would be cost effective. This was done by ensuring the Coupe shared the interior, doors, fenders, hood, and bumper from the roadster
Key Model Year Changes:
  • First year of the M Roadster
  • Unlike the rest of the Z3 range, the Z3M did not receive cosmetic changes during the facelift in 2000
  • Significant changes didn’t occur until 2001, where it receives the S54 engine from the E46 M3
  • There are many changes in 2001, most notably a 3.15 differential (replaces the 3.23 diff of the ’00 model), grey faced gauges (vs black), tire pressure monitoring, Dynamic stability control replaces Automatic Stability Control plus Traction (ASC+T), and more


Seller Notes:
  • 22k original miles
  • Rare Ascot Green Metallic
  • Never driven in weather
  • Never stored out doors
  • Immaculately cared for


  • Location: Queen Creek, Arizona – (more photos below)
  • Update: ad is no longer available (sold)

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