54,560 Original Miles


Automatic Transmission
4.0L Inline 6
190 hp @ 4600 rpm*
225 lb/ft torque @ 3000 rpm*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 10.2 seconds
Top Speed: 112 MPH
*Base Price in 1999: $18,600


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • When the XJ Cherokee came out in 1984, it was criticized for featuring a unibody construction rather than a body-on-frame (there had never been a unibody civilian 4×4 before). What people didn’t realize was that the XJ’s unibody construction had far more torsional rigidity than your average unibody structure, with 3,200 bonds on a finished body. It was incredibly well built, with a torsional stiffness rating that exceeded the typical “full-frame” setup at the time. The stiffer a structure is, the easier it is for the suspension to work as intended
  • On the other hand, the XJ was flexible enough that it wouldn’t risk tearing itself apart while off-roading. The Cherokee was one of the first American vehicles with a structure modeled via finite element analysis on a supercomputer. Jeep’s goal was to allow only 1/2 of a degree in bending while incurring a load of roughly 3gs
  • The finished unibody structure is 400 lbs lighter than the body-on-frame competition. Combined with its small size for easy maneuvering and the incredible aftermarket support, the XJ is one of the most capable unibody vehicles on the planet
  • A man named Wolfgang Bernhard took over as Chrysler’s new executive in 2000. Nicknamed the “cost-slasher” and “whirlwind”, Wolfgang came from Mercedes-Benz to “turn Chrysler around”.  One of the first moves Wolfgang made was toward killing the Jeep Cherokee, which he thought was an aging, bland SUV. He pushed for the Cherokee’s replacement, called the Jeep “Liberty” – a name he thought better differentiates itself from the Grand Cherokee
Key Model Year Changes:
  • New heated front seat option available for Classic models
  • Mid-1999 models w/ the 4.0L saw the intake manifold revised to help counteract smaller exhaust porting on the latest casting of cylinder heads (to meet new emissions control laws). The increased exhaust porting and new ignition system resulted in a slight power increase
  • 1997 is the year that received the most significant updates, defining the 1997-2001 years of the XJ. These updates include redesigned frame, 4.0L engine, exterior/interior styling updates, and much more
Seller Notes:
  • “Classic” model
  • Great body
  • A/C blows cold
  • No leaks
  • All power equipment works, cruise, power locks, power windows etc
  • Tires excellent
  • Clean Carfax


  • Location: Grass Lake, Michigan – (more photos below)
  • (ad is no longer available – sold or expired)

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