40,960 Original Miles


Automatic Transmission
2.8L VR6
140 hp @ 4500 rpm*
177 lb/ft torque @ 3200 rpm*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 11.8 seconds
Top Speed: 110 MPH
*Base Price in 1999: $32,150


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • The final generation of the VW Transporter (T4) was referred to as the “EuroVan” in the States. Of all the available trims, the Camper was the top of the line EuroVan (sitting above the Westfalia Weekender). The Camper as the only trim with all available camping equipment (unlike the Westfalia, which was a minimalist version of the Camper and lacked most of the camping equipment found on the Camper models)
  • The Camper starts off as a long wheelbase commercial EuroVan (17 ft long) converted to full Camper spec by Winnebago Industries. This includes the addition of a pop-up top, two twin beds, seating for up to six, propane powered refrigerator, propane furnace, stove, sink, dinette table, closet, cabinets, and more. The driver and passenger seat are designed to swivel around and face the kitchen
  • The VR6 EuroVan features a 4400 lb towing capacity and has the same max payload as a typical half ton truck of the era. An automatic transmission was the only transmission available
  • This is the first camper van with an engine in the front (every prior generation had the engine in the rear). VW never before dreamed of fitting a V6 engine in the Transporter, as the layout takes up too much space by design. A VR6, however, is the most compact V6 ever made – the 15 degree “V” angle is so compact that the motor only requires one cylinder head for both banks of cylinders
  • Despite its capabilities and unique features, the EuroVan didn’t quite spark the attention of Americans. Annual sales never exceeded 4 figures between 1999 and 2003. For perspective: in 1999, Dodge sold more minivans in one week than Volkswagen did all year for its Eurovan
Key Model Year Changes:
  • The body is strengthened, with reinforced floor panels and beefier B and C pillars
  • Daytime running lights are added
  • Sliding door now features a child safety lock
  • The VR6 engine, which appeared in the Camper in ’97, is now available on the regular seven-seater Eurovan
  • Notable changes didn’t occur until 2001, when the cylinder head switched to a 24 valve design (from a 12v) and variable valve timing was introduced. The ECU was updated, a new intake manifold was added, and the switch was made to drive by wire throttle operation and multi-coil ignition
  • The resulting changes meant that 2001 VR6 engines saw a 61 hp bump (!) to 201hp. It should be noted that torque only went up by 8 ft-lbs to 188 ft-lbs, so the towing and payload ratings didn’t improve. What did improve was acceleration – Car and Driver reported a .8 second improvement from 0-60 MPH (now 11 seconds)
  • Other changes in 2001 include 16″ wheels, a rear sway bar, rear suspension raised ~1 in, and upgraded brakes
  • The EuroVan remained virtually unchanged from 2001-2003, when it ended production


Seller Notes:
  • 2nd owner. Garage kept by both owners
  • Have all the maintenance/repairs from current ownership as the original owner’s
  • Owner’s manual, manuals for camper equipment, and the original VHS instruction tape are included. Plus other original paperwork
  • Tinted windows all around
  • Front end bra (not shown in pictures)
  • Both the engine and auxiliary batteries have been replaced
  • Includes Heater, sink, stove, 3 way refrigerator, and trailer hitch. Sleeps 4


  • Location: Jonesborough, Tennessee – more photos below
  • Update: ad is no longer available (sold or expired) 

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