35,380 Original Miles


Automatic Transmission
4.4L V8
282 hp @ 5400 RPM*
324 lb/ft torque @ 3700 RPM*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 6.8 seconds
Top Speed: 155 MPH
MSRP in 2001: $66,900


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • The E38 generation 7 series introduced an assortment of new BMW technology throughout its production run. An example was the continuous-motion Active Comfort Seat technology (similar to a very gentle massage -improves comfort on long drives and reduces fatigue). The E38 also employed high-pressure headlight washers, auto-leveling xenon HID headlamps, self leveling rear suspension (adjusts to any added weight in the rear), and a Motorola “StarTac” in-car phone with built in Mayday system (found in this example), etc
  • The E38 featured BMW’s electric catalytic converter (“E-CAT”). These converters employ coils that heat up the catalyst immediately after a cold engine start, bringing the CAT to proper operating temperature faster than traditional catalytic converters. This system, which requires a second car battery, ensures cleaner cold starts and LEV compliance
  • The E38 7 series was one of the first models to receive BMW’s new advanced powder clear coat
  • The replacement E65 7 series marked the start of the controversial “Bangle Butt” era. The new 2003 design (by BMW designer Chris Bangle) was received so poorly by consumers that sales of the E38 began to rise before production ended. Consequently, sales of the new 7 series were poor (people also weren’t a fan of the new “iDrive” system in the E65)
Key Model Year Changes:
  • 2001 MY cars built before Sep ’00 had the small navigation screen, while 2001 cars built after had the full width navigation screen
  • The side skirts and front/rear air dams are now painted body color (previously they were blacked out)
  • The front and rear turn signals are now clear (previously were amber)
  • StarTac phone (w/ mayday system) and 16 way comfort seats are now standard, and are now wireless
  • Rear torso side airbags (w/ head-protecting side airbags) become an option
  • Adaptive Ride Package (electronically controlled shock absorbers) and rear self-leveling became an option on the 740iL (standard on the 750il)
  • Sport Package w/ M Parallel wheels has been available since the 2000MY
  • This is the final year of the E38 7 series body style


Seller Notes:
  • 35k original miles
  • Cosmos Black Metallic over Grey
  • Final year of production (March 2001 build date)
  • Factory wireless Motorola “StarTac” in-car phone with built in Mayday system
  • Navigation system (large screen)
  • Call for more info


  • Location: New Rochelle, New York – (more photos below)
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