25,495 Original Miles


Manual Transmission
3.0L Inline 6
225 hp @ 5900 RPM*
214 lb/ft torque @ 3500 RPM*
Capable 0-60 MPH (N/A): 5.8 seconds
Top Speed: 149 mph
*MSRP in 2001: $37,700


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • The 3.0i is the new top-line trim for the Z3 in 2001, sitting behind the M Roadster. It features the 225hp M54 inline six from the E39 530i, while weighing nearly 600 lbs less than the E39
  • The Coupes could only be ordered with 6 cylinder engines, and they have a slightly stiffer suspension compared to the roadster. The steering rack was intended to be quicker than the roadster’s as well, but unfortunately that plan never made production
  • In fact, the Coupe version of the Z3 almost didn’t make production at all. BMW engineer Burkhard Göschel wanted to increase the rigidity of the roadster by turning it into a fixed roof Coupe (particularly for the M variant). However, the Board would only give the coupe a green light if it shared the interior, doors, fenders, hood, and bumper from the roadster (to save on costs). While Göschel said yes, these requirements severely limited the design to what you see here
  • Compared to the previous M52 inline 6, the new M54 has an improved gas flow system that provides better combustion efficiency (better mixing of the fuel/air). This results in smoother low RPM operation. In addition, the M54 revs more eagerly and features a higher redline. The most noticeable benefit of the M54 is the mid-range torque – 85% of max torque is now available between 1500 RPM and 6000 RPM
  • The Z3 shares the same semi-trailing arm suspension as the E30 3 series. This style of suspension is very compact, saving valuable trunk and interior space
  • Unfortunately, semi-trailing arms are not ideal for handling (on paper, at least) as they are notorious for dynamic toe and camber changes when the wheels move up and down during hard cornering. This can cause bump steer and a loss of rear grip. The “semi” refers to the sweep angle of the arm, which is 15 degrees in the E30 (a pure trailing arm would be zero degrees). Essentially, the wheels see increased negative camber as the trailing arm moves up during compression (suspension gets loaded during hard cornering). On the contrary, the wheels toe in and gain positive camber as they are unloaded
  • This isn’t to say the Z3 can’t handle – it just makes it trickier around a race track compared to other suspension designs. It produces a “tail happy” characteristic that you either love or hate!
Key Model Year Changes:
  • First year of the 3.0L M54 engine
  • Improved higher flowing catalytic converters
  • New multi-spoke wheels
  • All model designations are now followed by an ‘i’
  • Digital clock replaces the old analog clock
  • 2001 models began production in July of 2000
  • A new $3000 sport package becomes available after Feb. 2001, which included 17″ wheels, different front bumper, slightly lowered suspension, sport seats, and misc interior trim pieces
  • Virtually no changes occurred for the following year (2002) other than a standard CD player


Seller Notes:
  • 25k original miles
  • Factory slicktop (no sunroof)
  • Factory 5spd manual
  • Atlantic Blue
  • Desirable “Style 32” wheels
  • 9,000 miles on Michelin Pilots


  • Location: Petaluma, California – (more photos below)
  • Update: Craigslist ad has been deleted (sold)

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