3,986 Original Miles


Automatic Transmission
5.0L V8
302 hp @ 5600 rpm*
339 lb/ft torque @ 2700 rpm*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 6.1 seconds
Top Speed: 155 mph
*Base Price in 2001: $82,600


*Seller Asking:


2001 mercedes benz sl500 for sale 1
Fast Facts:

  • In 1999, Mercedes switched the V8 engine in the SL from the 315hp M119 to the less powerful M113 in 1999 (302 hp). This same engine would stay with the SL all the way until 2006
  • While the older M119 SL’s made more peak power and torque, the M113 in the 1999-2002 SL’s produced peak torque much lower down (2700 RPM vs 3900 RPM on the old model). The new M113 also had a flatter torque curve, and produced peak torque for a longer period than the old M119 (from 2700 to 4250 RPM, while the M119 simply peaked at 3900 RPM)
  • While the M119 overshadows its successor with its racing pedigree, the flatter torque curve of the M113 was arguably more suitable for the SL
  • The new M113 engine was also much lighter, provided better fuel economy, and was less complicated than its quad cam predecessor
  • This generation SL (R129) featured a roll bar that could automatically deploy in 0.3 seconds if a rollover is detected (a production car “first”). It could also be popped up with a switch
  • 1999 and newer models featured the “magic one-touch” starter that appeared in many Mercedes Benz models throughout the early/mid 2000’s. Just a quick twist of the key fob is all that is needed, and the engine cranks itself over until it starts
Key Model Year Changes:

  • The AMG styled body kit is now standard on both the SL500 and SL600
  • The TeleAid system now includes remote door unlocking, vehicle diagnostics, and alarm monitoring
  • There are virtually no differences between a 2001 and 2002 model
  • The 1999-2002 model years are generally grouped together, as the 1999 MY received the last major changes

Seller Notes:

  • Under 4k original miles
  • Garage kept
  • Factory Magma Red over Java beige
  • Recently serviced with new tires

  • Location: Naples, Florida – (more photos below)
  • UPDATE: ad is no longer available (sold or expired)
2001 mercedes benz sl500 for sale 2

2001 mercedes benz sl500 for sale 3

2001 mercedes benz sl500 for sale 4

2001 mercedes benz sl500 for sale 5

2001 mercedes benz sl500 for sale 6

2001 mercedes benz sl500 for sale 6

2001 mercedes benz sl500 for sale 7

2001 mercedes benz sl500 for sale 8

UPDATE: ad is no longer available (sold or expired)

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*SAE rated from factory. May not reflect current output
*Performance numbers pulled from reputable automotive road tests
*Base price when new does not reflect original MSRP of this particular car, nor does it reflect what the original owner paid for it
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