42,290 Original Miles


Manual Transmission
1.8L Turbocharged 4 cyl
178 hp @ 6000 rpm*
166 lb/ft torque @ 4500 rpm*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 6.7 seconds
Top Speed: 127 MPH
*Base Price in 2004: $26,020


*Seller Asking:


2004 mazda mazdaspeed miata mx5 for sale 11
Fast Facts:

  • The first and only factory boosted Miata. The Mazdaspeed is an LS trim Miata featuring a 6spd and an IHI ball bearing turbocharger (factory-developed and installed) producing 8.5 lbs of boost. The compression ratio was only reduced to 9.5:1 (vs 10:1) and the variable valve timing system was removed. Redline was only reduced to 6500 RPM (vs 7000 in base N/A form). Also came equipped with a Denso air-to-air intercooler
  • Mazda modified the 6spd transmission by shot-peen hardening the gears and changing the 4th gear ratio to 1.258. Other factory mods include heavy duty 25mm driveshafts, heavy duty clutch, performance tuned exhaust, and a Bosch torque sensing limited slip diff w/ 4.10 final drive ratio. The steering rack stroke was also shortened from 60.5mm to 53.2mm
  • The suspension sits 7mm lower and features stiffer springs (215# front, 158# rear), bigger anti-roll bars (23mm up front, 14mm in rear), and Mazdaspeed tuned Bilstein shocks. The 17″ Racing Hart aluminum wheels are 2 lbs lighter than the N/A Miata’s 16″ wheels, and they’re wrapped in wider 205mm tires. The result was a Miata that could pull over 0.98 g in the corners
  • The factory installed turbo system includes details such as induction resonators to reduce unwanted noise. Car and Driver stated “The turbo itself is virtually transparent — you can’t even hear it with the top up —and it suffers so little lag that the car mostly feels naturally aspirated.”
  • All the differences between a Mazdaspeed and regular MX5 can be found here in bold
Key Model Year Changes:

  • The Mazdaspeed Miata was only produced in 2004 and 2005. There were no notable differences between the two
  • Velocity Red Mica and Titanium Gray Metallic were the only paint colors available in 2004. Lava Orange Mica and Black Mica paint became available in 2005
  • Only 1,428 Mazdaspeed Miatas were produced in 2005, due to a fire at the assembly plant cutting production short. In comparison, 4,000 MSM’s were produced in 2004

Seller Notes:

  • 42k original miles. 3rd owner
  • Garage kept CA MX-5
  • Adult owned and well cared for
  • Tastefully mods: Flying Miata Exhaust, AEM Intake, Turbo Boost Gauge, OEM cruise control and final drive ratio adjusted so that freeway RPM’s lower for cruising


  • Location: Sacramento, California – (more photos below) – UPDATE: ad is no longer available (sold or expired)

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2004 mazda mazdaspeed miata mx5 for sale 112

2004 mazda mazdaspeed miata mx5 for sale 44

2004 mazda mazdaspeed miata mx5 for sale 55

2004 mazda mazdaspeed miata mx5 for sale 66

2004 mazda mazdaspeed miata mx5 for sale 77

2004 mazda mazdaspeed miata mx5 for sale 88

UPDATE: ad is no longer available (sold or expired)

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*SAE rated from factory. May not reflect current output
*Performance numbers pulled from reputable automotive road tests
*Base price when new does not reflect original MSRP of this particular car, nor does it reflect what the original owner paid for it
*Advertised price at time of posting. Sellers can raise or lower prices on their original ad at any time. Click on the original ad to view current price/availability


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