26,509 Original Miles


Manual Transmission
2.5L Turbo 4 Boxer
300 hp @ 6000 RPM*
300 lb/ft torque @ 4000 RPM*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 4.6 seconds
Top Speed: 155 MPH
*Base Price in 2004: $31,670


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • The Subaru Tecnica International (STI) division was created in the late 80’s to aid in the development of race cars for the FIA World Rally Championship. Subaru immediately made a name for itself in rallying, and the company decided to inject some of the STi technology into its street cars to capitalize on their success. Subaru’s highest performing street car, the WRX STi, features a sophisticated suspension derived from Subaru’s FIA World Rally Championship race cars
  • 2004 STi’s were not equipped with any stereo or speakers. This was done as a weight-saving measure by Subaru. While a sound system was available as an option, it wasn’t cheap ($1000) and it was rarely ordered
  • The STi’s body kit was designed by none other than Peter Stevens, who is most famous for designing the McLaren F1 supercar. All aero pieces (not just the rear wing) are effective at creating the downforce
  • The large air scoop forces air through an intercooler, which feeds an IHI turbo pushing 14.5 lbs of boost. The system includes a driver-activated water mist system that can spray water onto the intercooler at the push of a button, reducing charge-air temperatures
  • The STi is much more than just a WRX with a bigger engine. The chassis is stiffened with additional crossmembers front and rear, and the unique forged aluminum BBS wheels house Brembo brakes front and rear. Even the Bridgestone Potenza tires were engineered specifically for the STi. Shocks, bushings, and sway bars are all upgraded over the stock WRX
  • STI models receive their own STi-engineered close ratio 6spd manual. Lesser models use a 5spd. STI’s can not be optioned with an automatic transmission
  • The STI’s AWD system uses a planetary gear-type center differential (DCCD) that can vary the amount of lock depending on the mode selected by the driver. It works in harmony with an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch and a mechanical limited-slip differential to vary torque between the front and rear wheels. By default, power is split 35% front and 65% rear. Sensors monitor wheel slippage, steering angle, throttle position, and braking to help determine torque distribution and direct it to the wheels with the most traction
  • The Subaru’s EJ engine has been around for nearly two decades (and counting). These engines are famous for their distinctive exhaust rumble, which can be attributed to the EJ25’s unequal exhaust runner length. The exhaust gasses from two of the cylinders have to travel farther than the other two, leading to an unequal spacing between the exhaust pulses. The uneven pulse spacing gives the EJ an offbeat exhaust burble. The unusual firing order (1-3-2-4) also plays a role in the exhaust noise
Key Model Year Changes:
  • First year of the STi in the States. Nicknamed the “peanut” eye due to the design of the headlights. Of all the model years within this generation, the 2004 MY is the rawest and lightest. ’04 and ’05 models have the most RWD biased AWD systems (35/65 torque split, vs 41/59 on later cars)
  • This is the only model year to share the 5×100 bolt pattern with the regular WRX
  • The following year (2005) saw larger rear fender flares to accommodate larger 8″ wide wheels (vs 7.5″) wheel size. The increased wheel width reduced steering wheel lock-to-lock. Stronger wheel hubs are employed, and wheel bolt pattern switches to 5×114.3″. Axles are thicker. The Suretrac front LSD is replaced with a helical unit. STi’s now feature a stereo as standard. The badging, steering wheel, shift knob, HVAC controls, and center console are revised
  • In 2006, the DCCD (Driver Controlled Center Differential) receives a mechanical limited slip mechanism to supplement the electromagnetic DCCD, and the torque split is changed to 41/59. The engine mounts switch from metal to hydraulic fluid filled plastic mounts to reduce vibration. However, durability issues force Subaru to revert back to the old metal/rubber mounts later in the year
  • 2007 is the first year of the Limited model (a softened STI with no wing). The following list the 2007 changes: control arms are downgraded to cut costs (still aluminum, but no longer the Japanese Spec C control arms). Caster angle is reduced, shortening the wheelbase from 100″ to 99.4″. Rear sway bar is decreased from 20 mm to 19 mm. The gear ratios of 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears are now taller in order to boost fuel economy. This unintentionally reduced 1/4 times, as a shift to 5th gear is no longer required before crossing the trap. While the cylinder heads are redesigned to improve cooling, the sodium-filled exhaust valves are dropped. Alternator is upgraded to 110 amps (vs 90 amps). The rear LSD is now a Torsen type (vs the old clutch type). The turbo is now a VF43, which uses a different wastegate actuator compared to the previous VF39. Side cowl bracing is now stiffer. An audio jack replaces the ashtray. Rear seat includes a center armrest with trunk pass-through. Audio system is now 120 watt. ECU is updated to meet US LEV2 emissions requirements, which required a secondary air pump. Fuel injectors are now a “top feed” style (replacing the old “side feed” style


Seller Notes:
  • Original owner
  • 26k original miles
  • Garaged since purchase
  • All stock except for audio system. Dynamat was applied to the interior to drastically reduce road noise
  • Windows are tinted front and rear
  • Excellent shape – runs excellent and has no issues


  • CONTACT SELLERUpdate: Seller’s Craigslist ad has been deleted (sold or removed from market)

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