34,002 Original Miles


Manual Transmission
3.2L Inline 6
330 hp @ 7900 RPM*
262 lb/ft torque @ 4900 RPM*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 4.6 seconds
Top Speed: 155 mph
*Base Price in 2006: $49,300


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:

  • Between the Coupe and the Roadster, the Coupe is slightly more hardcore, with a quicker steering ratio, stiffer springs, and more aggressive shocks. The Coupe’s chassis is also much stiffer, and the fixed roof adds only 11 lbs to the Roadster
  • The Z4 M carried the DOHC S54 engine from the E46 M3, although a shorter and more restrictive exhaust system was required for fitment in the Z4
  • The Z4 M couldn’t use the M3’s 6spd, however, because it wouldn’t fit. BMW instead used an all new “Type H” ZF 6spd for this car
  • The Z4 M also used a different engine management system, known as MSS70. This system, capable of 64 million calculations per second, was superior to the one used in the M3 (MSS54 – 25 million per second)
  • The Z4 M was basically a small roadster version of the E46 M3. It shared the same rear subframe, limited slip diff, front control arms, and the same Continental ContiSport Contact tires. The brake system, consisting of aluminum hubs, stainless steel pins, and cross drilled/vented floating brake rotors are straight from the M3 CSL
  • The electric power steering system used in the rest of the Z4 line was ditched for a hydraulic power rack and pinion steering, for superior steering feel. The Z4 M actually has a quicker steering ratio than the already quick steering of the M3 CSL (14.5:1 CSL vs 13.7:1 M roadster vs 12.8:1 M Coupe)
  • An “M” Coupe version of the Z4 was never planned, due to poor sales of the Z3 M Coupe. However, it became a possibility once the engineers proved they could keep costs down by sharing many parts with the E46 M3 and CSL. In addition, the board loved the look (and extra performance), so the M Coupe was given the green light

Key Model Year Changes:

  • First year of E85/E86 generation M Coupe/Roadster
  • The following year (2007) saw standard Tire Pressure Monitoring in each wheel (beginning 10/06 production date), new Hexagon interior trim (replacing brushed aluminum), and available HD radio (03/07+ production date)
  • 2008 models received an AUX input for the sound system, as well as upgraded engine mount hardware (after 3/08 production date)
  • The Z4 M was only produced from 2006 to 2008


Seller Notes:
  • 34K original miles
  • Owned locally by retired Boeing engineer
  • Vibra-Technics motor mounts
  • Turner underdrive pulley and strut brace
  • Rear trailing arm bushing limiters
  • Clutch Delay Valve delete
  • Stromung cat back exhaust
  • Full UCC shifter components
  • Serviced at Strictly BMW in Bellevue


  • CONTACT SELLERUpdate: Seller’s Craigslist ad has been deleted (sold or removed from market)

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