47,907 Original Miles


Automatic Transmission
2.5L 4 cyl
105 hp @ 5000 RPM*
132 lb/ft torque @ 2800 RPM*
Top Speed: 85 mph
*Base Price in 1985: $10,545


*Seller Asking:


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Fast Facts:
  • The Pioneer trim required nearly a 20% premium over the standard Cherokee, and featured several cosmetic enhancements: including unique interior, body-colored wheel well moldings (for a “monochrome” look), chrome bumpers, and chrome exterior trim for an overall “upscale” appearance
  • When the XJ Cherokee came out in 1984, it was criticized for featuring a unibody construction rather than a body-on-frame (there had never been a unibody civilian 4×4 before). What people didn’t realize was that the XJ’s unibody had far more torsional rigidity than your average unibody structure, with 3,200 bonds on a finished body. It was incredibly well built, with a torsional stiffness rating that exceeded the typical “full-frame” setup at the time. The stiffer a structure is, the easier it is for the suspension to work as intended
  • On the other hand, the XJ was flexible enough that it wouldn’t risk tearing itself apart while off-roading. The Cherokee was one of the first American vehicles with a structure modeled via finite element analysis on a supercomputer. Jeep’s goal was to allow only 1/2 of a degree in bending while incurring a load of roughly 3gs
  • The finished unibody structure is 400 lbs lighter than the body-on-frame competition. Combined with its small size for easy maneuvering and the incredible aftermarket support, the XJ is one of the most capable unibody vehicles on the planet
  • After a 17 year run, production of the XJ came to an unfortunate end when a man named Wolfgang Bernhard took over as Chrysler’s new executive in 2000. Nicknamed the “cost-slasher” and “whirlwind”, Wolfgang came from Mercedes-Benz with the goal of “turning Chrysler around”. One of the first moves Wolfgang made was the termination of the Jeep Cherokee, a model he thought was aging, bland, and unappealing to the modern-day buyer. He pushed for the Cherokee’s replacement, known as the Jeep “Liberty” (a name he thought better differentiates itself from the Grand Cherokee). Unfortunately, the Liberty had nowhere near the capability of an XJ
Key Model Year Changes:
  • First year of an available 2WD option
  • 1985 saw virtually no changes from the previous year (1984 debut)
  • 1986 saw a slight bump in power for the 4 cyl engine (now 117hp/135 lb ft)
  • The 4.0L inline 6 didn’t arrive until 1987


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by Peter Dean
Published: December 8, 2020 (1 month ago)
Portland, OR

1985 AMC Jeep Cherokee Pioneer, one of the last years AMC owned the Jeep badge. 47,900 miles from new. 2.5l inline 4-cylinder Renault engine. 2-door, 4-wheel drive. Finished in original Olympic White.

The vehicle is completely original, with the few exceptions listed here. The AC was updated to R134A in 2013 as noted on the refrigerant reservoir and as confirmed by my mechanic. The original “smoker’s windows” (triangular vent windows on the front side of each door) have been replaced with OEM fixed windows. The fixed windows were tinted to match the rest of the glass. The rubber window wipes on the inside and outside of each window have been replaced.

The original side mirrors and door handles on both doors have been refurbished. All parts were stripped and repainted while the internal mechanics were refreshed with new parts (ie. springs, bushings, etc.).

The original 4 stereo speakers have been replaced with new, high watt Bose speakers. From the exterior, the look is original but they function much better. Installed is a new, old stock AMC AM/FM stereo that is period correct. The stereo was installed with a hidden 50w amp/EQ. The result is a sound system that looks completely original while functioning much better (and is ready to accept the peripheral of your choosing).

The interior is trimmed in original garnet Mesa fabric. The headliner is perfect. Included are original Jeep floormats. A full-size spare is mounted in the rear cargo area and includes the original cover.

All exterior plastic trim (grille, headlight surrounds, bumper caps, etc) has been replaced with new. The original front bumper has been re-chromed and looks amazing.

The driver’s side rear quarter panel had suffered from a botched paintless dent removal before current ownership. This has been corrected by Burnside Collision in Portland, OR. The result looks new and is indistinguishable from the rest of the vehicle.

Mechanically the can runs like new. It’s benefitted from a new electronic ignition control unit. The valve cover was recently resealed. The AC unit has been recently recharged and blows ice cold. The 4wd system and automatic transition work great and were serviced by Columbia Transmission in Portland, OR when I purchased the vehicle. I have paperwork for all work listed.

Included with the car are the original owner’s manual, workshop manual, dealership brochure and unused tire chains.

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