Last updated: March 22, 2020


(The mention of New Old Cars (or “NOC”) refers to newoldcars.com, a website run and maintained by New Old Cars LLC.)

While New Old Cars will list your vehicle as a classified ad on our site, not all vehicles we post are paid classified ads hosted by our company. Many of the cars you see are found on third party classifieds, and are simply shared on New Old Cars as news content and for viewer enjoyment. A link to the seller’s original ad is found in every one of these posts.

Also, while we pride ourselves in holding high standards for the vehicles found on this site, New Old Cars LLC does not inspect ANY of the cars we post, and therefore cannot guarantee any of these vehicles meet the criteria of a “new old car” (mint, original, unrestored). It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to verify the car’s authenticity and seller’s statements, as none of the information provided by the sellers has been verified by our staff (New Old Cars LLC is NOT responsible for inaccurate or misleading claims made by the seller). While we do our best to only post vehicles that are active on the market, New Old Cars LLC cannot guarantee any vehicle will still be for sale by the time it is posted on our page. Sellers can change their mind or sell their car at any given moment. 

New Old Cars writes the “Fast Facts” and “Model Year Changes” for each post, as well as the information found under “Seller’s Notes”. The information under “Seller’s Notes” represents a highlight summary of the seller’s original description found in their original ad. It is possible for sellers to modify their descriptions in their ad over time, resulting in a mis-match of information between the seller’s ad the “Seller’s Notes” section of the post. For any questions regarding the seller notes, or regarding the vehicle in question, you must contact the seller directly via the link in the ad.

New Old Cars LLC and its staff make no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the ownership, authenticity, or condition of any vehicle, or as to the completeness, integrity, or accuracy of any information about any vehicle advertised on newoldcars.com. Any concerns or discrepancies about a vehicle must be addressed with the seller prior to the purchase of a vehicle!

Mileage Disclaimer

New Old Cars has not confirmed if the mileage stated by the seller is true and accurate. It is up to the buyer to verify these claims. Vehicle history reports, service records stating mileage, and even inspections of odometer tampering are recommended.

Tech Articles

Even though most of the articles are composed by New Old Cars LLC, not all articles posted on this website are written exclusively by us. Some articles are written with the assistance of third party companies with the intent of advertising their service(s) and/or product(s), as well as providing educational and valuable knowledge to you as the reader.

Despite the exhaustive amount of effort put into proof reading and ensuring complete accuracy of each and every tech article on our page, New Old Cars LLC and its employees, affiliates, and partners cannot guarantee all articles will be free of errors. New Old Cars creates these articles with the intentions of educating the collector car community by separating fact from opinion, and helping prevent the spread of bad or inaccurate information throughout the community.

Selling your car on our site

Our user base is made up of mostly enthusiasts and collectors with an eye for mint, low mileage cars. Despite this, New Old Cars LLC cannot guarantee your vehicle will sell within any specific time frame, or if it will sell at all. We cannot guarantee you will obtain an acceptable price for your vehicle, nor can we cannot guarantee you will only receive legitimate inquiries or solicitations from qualified buyers (or receive any inquiries at all).

New Old Cars does not screen or perform background checks on any individual who creates an account on our site. We do not verify the status of any buyer or seller who uses this site (for example, we do confirm whether or not the buyer or seller is in fact a licensed dealer or broker). We have no control over the experience(s) that unfold between you and the parties whom contact you regarding your vehicle.

New Old Cars LLC, its staff, affiliates, and partners will NOT be liable for any claims, actions, damages, or judgments arising out of or relating to any content posted on newoldcars.com by your or any third party.