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New Old Cars TV is a YouTube series dedicated to road-testing old cars as if they were brand new. Each of these cars are mechanically restored to like-new condition and are road tested and tracked test as if they just drove off the showroom floor!

Why? Because we all love watching reviews on modern performance cars … yet the older stuff doesn’t get enough love

As an automotive writer, historian, and licensed SCCA driver who’s owned and tracked many vehicles from this era, I decided to take matters into my own hands and give you the proper action-packed reviews that simply weren’t available back then…

New Old Cars TV is now your latest source for old-school automotive road tests!

I start off with a pristine, low mileage, bone-stock vehicle from the 80s, 90s, or early 2000s and restore it to like-new condition – that means new rubber, bushings, tires, genuine OEM shocks, brakes, fluids, alignment, etc. All to ensure they stop, accelerate, and handle like the day they left the showroom floor.

Then they go straight into the time machine, as each video takes place the same year the car was sold new. This allows me to judge each vehicle to the new-car standards of their time, without letting feelings of nostalgia or sentiment get in the way!

Each vehicle is evaluated and judged against its period competition to determine if they’re really worth the price, and the hype!

These reviews offer a fresh perspective that will dive deeper and be more insightful and comprehensive than most reviews, focusing mainly on driving dynamics. The amount of research, time, and effort that goes into the accuracy and quality of each video is pretty astonishing…

Plus, I own every vehicle I test, so I’m not forced to be “gentle”, “nice”, or “respectful” with someone else’s car ;) This allows me to push all cars to their absolute limits to see which ones live up to their performance credentials – and which ones flop!  

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