Terms and Conditions

Last updated: June 20, 2020

These Terms and Conditions lay out the rules, requirements, and agreements of using newoldcars.com.

The website newoldcars.com, includes all URLs under its domain, is owned and operated by NEW OLD CARS LLC. The term “New Old Cars” or “NOC” refers to “newoldcars.com.

New Old Cars was created primarily as a car hunting blog. We find the nicest cars for sale across the nation and share them on our home page feed, where we add a write up of interesting facts and model year changes about each vehicle. These cars (not hosted by us) are hosted via a third party classifieds. Each post contains a link to the seller’s original ad, which you may view as long as the ad is still active. Since these cars are not hosted on our site, we have no relationship, contract, or agreement with these sellers. If you are interested in any of these vehicles, you must contact the seller directly through their original advertisement (via the link provided in each post).

We do, however, offer the opportunity to list your car on our page for a one-time, up front fee of $25 (pending vehicle approval. This fee is subject to change at any given time). We will post your car as a classified ad on our site, and it will be labeled in the ad as such to differentiate it from vehicles hosted by third party websites. Your classified ad will contain the complete details of your car (we provide the interesting facts/model year changes, while you provide the full description and (unlimited) photos). The ad will run until the car sells.

If you feel your car meets our standard of quality, and could be classified as a “new old car” (mint, original, unrestored), then you are welcome to submit your vehicle through our Contact Page.

All listing submissions to the site go through an approval process before we accept any payment from the seller. Unfortunately, not all submissions will be approved. We have the right to refuse any person or business, for any reason, from listing vehicles on newoldcars.com.

Selling your car on
New Old Cars

By selling your vehicle on our site, you agree and acknowledge that: 

1. The vehicle you list for sale is in your possession and has a clean title. 

2. You are willing to sell your vehicle at the advertised price and on any other terms specified in your listing.

3. Interested buyers must contact you through your listing’s contact form, as it discourages (but doesn’t 100% prevent!) spam/bots/scammers. You may publicly advertise your personal contact info in your listing if you wish, but you must do so at your own risk.

4. If you sell the car, you will mark your car as SOLD in the ad management page. This does not mean your car will be deleted – it will be left on the site for viewer content and enjoyment. If you simply want the car off the market (or removed from the site for any reason), contact the site admin and your listing will be removed within 24hrs.

5. You will not use your listing to advertise or promote anything (including, without limitation, any product, service or business) other than your vehicle for sale.

6. While our user base is made up of mostly enthusiasts and collectors with an eye for these types of cars, we cannot guarantee your vehicle will sell within any specific time frame (or if it will sell at all). While cars as nice as yours tend to bring a premium, I recommend you gauge the market closely and ensure that your price is reasonable and within the spectrum of what the market is willing to pay.

7. You will properly identify yourself as either a “Private Seller”, “Dealer”, or “Broker” (a “Dealer” is any individual or entity that is in the business of selling vehicles) (a “Broker” is an individual or entity that assists in finding buyers for, and/or assists in the sale of, vehicles owned by other individuals or businesses, in return for a commission or fee.) A “Private Seller” is anyone who does not fit the definition of “Dealer” or “Broker” in any way.

8. One listing is for one vehicle – you will not advertise more than one vehicle in a single listing, either by including descriptions of multiple cars in one listing or by subsequently updating the listing information to advertise different vehicles. 

9. You will not use newoldcars.com for any fraudulent, false, misleading or deceptive activity.

10. The mileage that you provide is the true mileage to the best of your knowledge (photos of odometer are encouraged). All content and information that you provide in your ad is truthful, accurate and complete.

11. You are the owner (or have the full right) to all of the photos you provided in your listing.

12. If your listing does not meet the terms and conditions of this site, newoldcars.com reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove your listing, without notice and without liability or providing a refund. 


Disclosure: New Old Cars LLC cannot guarantee that your vehicle will sell on our site, nor can we guarantee you will obtain an acceptable price for your vehicle, only receive legitimate inquiries or solicitations from qualified buyers, or receive any inquiries regarding your vehicle for sale.

New Old Cars does not screen or perform background checks on any individual who creates an account on our site. We do not verify the status of any buyer or seller who uses this site (for example, we do confirm whether or not the buyer or seller is in fact a licensed dealer or broker). We have no control over the experience(s) that unfold between you and the parties whom contact you regarding your vehicle.

New Old Cars LLC, its staff, and affiliates will NOT be liable for any claims, actions, damages, or judgments arising out of or relating to any content posted on newoldcars.com by you or any third party.