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Welcome to New Old Cars: a car finding blog where I share some of the lowest mileage, mint condition cars that I can find! I comb through hundreds of listings across the country in search of authentic, immaculate, showroom new survivors that get every enthusiast excited – and post them here!

My name is Andre Clemente, founder of New Old Cars LLC and one of the biggest car nuts you will ever meet. I have been a dedicated, passionate car hunter long before I could legally get behind the wheel of one. Years of experience buying, driving, preserving, and selling cars as a hobby and working for a classic car/sports car dealership has taught me the true value of an honest car – a well kept, original, unrestored gem that has been pampered its entire life. No questionable stories, no tricks, no fishy sellers – these cars have nothing to hide.

Having owned and sold 30 cars by age 23 and selling twice as many while in the biz, it became obvious which cars I wanted to deal with: the low mileage survivors. Or, as I like to call them … the new old cars. It came to a point where I refused to buy and sell anything less to my customers – these pristine cars were the easiest to find buyers for, and everyone was after them. Since then, I’ve had the itch to find the nicest, most original New Old Cars out there!

After a decade of buying and selling vehicles of this caliber, I came up with an idea … what if I could dedicate a website purely to the exposure and preservation of these vehicles? A website where you can not only find them for sale, but also learn how to verify their originality and preserve their appearance for years to come? Fast forward to the launch of, and that idea has become a reality. Not only do I hunt for cars advertised across the nation, but I’ll create and post classified ads for my followers who wish to sell their car as well!

While there are other websites that specialize in vehicles of this quality, they each face one problem – the number of cars on the market far exceeds what one website alone can manage. NOC will search places you don’t usually look, using search queries you don’t usually use … and send you an email alert of all the best finds. Each post features esoteric “fast facts” you may not know about the subject car, as well as model year changes and factory specs.

Let’s just say there’s a good chance you’ll want to buy one of the cars I send you…

But before you do, I want you to head over to the tech section where you’ll find the most intriguing articles explaining what you don’t know about inspecting and authenticating a car’s paint job, for example. The articles will explain why original paint is so desirable, as well as how to differentiate factory paint defects from a non-factory defect.

1988 Honda Civic with 40k original miles owned by yours truly! A perfect example of a new old car – one owner, original paint, 100% stock with all records!
This information is crucial if you intend to avoid purchasing what I call a “dishonest car”. It bewildered me how many buyers take for granted the sellers’ claims of “all original” and “never restored”. Further investigation revealed that there was only a small amount of information online dedicated to subjects as simple as validating the originality of a car’s paint finish, and it was mostly incomplete (and in many cases, inaccurate). This is a major problem – without the proper knowledge, people jump to conclusions that keep them from buying the right car (or worse, cause them to buy the wrong car). I’ve witnessed enough of these controversies while in the field, so I’ve decided to share my expertise and create a tech section of articles explaining what to look for when authenticating cars of this caliber. Emphasis is put on paint inspection (my strong suit) such as how to verify original paint and how to know when overspray is factory and when it isn’t!

My ultimate goal is to arm people with the ability to expose a “dishonest” car (a car that may be advertised as original and unrestored, but in reality, it isn’t – regardless if the seller is aware or not). These cars usually come with a fishy story, red flags, and/or no proof of authenticity. They may even be advertised by an honest seller who simply doesn’t know any better. These vehicles dilute the collector car market, falsify market values, and steal the spotlight from the otherwise true authentic survivors.

People fake originality all the time, and I grew tired of this unethical practice occurring in the car business. I truly want to put an end to this, but since there is no stopping the dishonest sellers, I’ve shifted my focus toward educating the buyers. In the tech section, I share everything I’ve learned from licensed Concours show judges, long-time dealers in the collector car business, paint specialists, and experienced collectors. This is in addition to my real-world experience in the collector car field.

Now, preserving the condition of these cars is equally important – no one wants to see these precious vehicles lose the pampered care they’ve received since new. My articles emphasize paint preservation, such as how to care for each type of paint finish by the decade (from soft, thin Acrylic Enamel Lacquer to hard, modern-day basecoat/clearcoat paints). I also explain what to look out for when buying a vehicle that hasn’t been driven much, and I thoroughly encourage routine drives of your New Old Car (a regularly driven car is a healthy car!).

I want these old cars to look new for as long as possible, just as much as you do. So make yourself at home!

More about the founder: Andre Clemente, a member of the Society of Automotive Historians (SAH), has spent over 12 years in the business of buying and selling cars – half of those years were dedicated to the classic car/sports car business. As an automotive paint fanatic, Andre has been hyper-focused on learning paint correction and inspecting automotive paintwork, working alongside veteran dealers, brokers, and a licensed Concours judge in the process. Years of real-world practice and application gave him the experience to identify inconsistencies and myths that can surface within the collector car hobby. Rather than keep the knowledge to himself, he created to share the research and insider details he’s learned to help educate the collector car community.

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2002 bmw 540i e39 m parallels
2002 bmw 540i e39 m parallels