How does this site work?

New Old Cars (NOC) filters through hundreds of classifieds daily to pick out the cleanest, most original cars available for sale so we can post them all in one place: here on our blog! We heavily scan the less obvious sources to ensure we don’t post the same cars found on other blog and auction sites (which we follow as well). Each car receives a unique write-up explaining all the things you probably didn’t know about that particular car, as well as model year changes and seller description highlights.

Use the search bar on the home page to search for cars. The newest cars are listed first, by default. You can subscribe to receive daily emails with newly listed posts by clicking the FOLLOW tab on menu.

Can I submit my own car for sale?

Yes! If you feel that is fits the qualities of the cars on this site, then NOC is willing to feature it as a classified ad for an up front fee of $25 (this includes us providing the full write-up of factory specs, fast facts, and model year changes). You simply provide a complete and honest description, as well as unlimited photos. The ad will run until it sells.

Head to the Contact page and follow the instructions. While I appreciate all of your submissions, NOC cannot guarantee each one will be featured.

I clicked on the link to the original ad, and it’s not there?

The seller has either deleted the ad or the ad has expired. NOC posts cars as soon as we find them, and cannot control how long they will be for sale. You can check other classifieds to see if the car has been listed elsewhere.

I don’t see very many pre-smog (1975 and older) cars?

NOC stands by the “mint, original, unrestored” motto. If a car doesn’t appear to match that criteria, we don’t bother sharing it. Finding a car from the 50’s and 60’s that meet this criteria is difficult, simply because so few exist. However, NOC searches hard for them!

Have you inspected any of these cars, and/or verified their authenticity or originality?

No! NOC cannot guarantee the originality of the car, regardless of what the ad states. It is up to you as the buyer to verify these credentials in person. NOC sorts through hundreds of listings and shares the best candidates for you to look at. Please view our Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions.

Are these cars newly listed upon posting?

Cars are posted as they are found, not necessarily as they are listed. Understand that even if an ad shows “just listed”, it could have been advertised previously by the seller (then taken down) or advertised in multiple locations.