11,162 Original Miles


Automatic Transmission
3.0L Inline 6
225 hp @ 5900 RPM*
214 lb/ft torque @ 3500 RPM*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 6.5 seconds
Top Speed: 128 mph (L)
*Base Price in 2003: $41,100


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • The 530i is the most powerful 6 cylinder 5 series in the lineup, featuring the 225hp M54 inline six
  • 6 cyl E39 models employ a modern rack and pinion steering system, which is absent on the V8 cars. The M5’s semi-dry sump system wouldn’t fit with the rack and pinion (R&P) setup, so an old-school recirculating ball system was used (it was cost effective to exclude the R&P setup from the 540i as well, whose M62 V8 is closely related to the M5’s S62 V8)
  • Compared to the old recirculating ball setup, R&P is lighter, less complex, and provides a very tight and responsive steering feel (offers a more positive engagement)
  • All 5 series cars could be ordered with a manual transmission. The M5 and 540i use the same 6spd, while all other models use a 5spd
  • Compared to the previous M52 inline 6, the new M54 has an improved gas flow system that provides better combustion efficiency (better mixing of the fuel/air). This results in smoother low RPM operation. In addition, the M54 revs more eagerly and features a higher redline. The most noticeable benefit of the M54 is the mid-range torque – 85% of max torque is now available between 1500 RPM and 6000 RPM
  • To say the E39 was an improvement over the E34 is an understatement. The E39’s body alone was 82% stiffer, 20% more aerodynamic, and weighed exactly the same as the E34’s body shell. It was also substantially safer in crash tests
  • Nearly the entire suspension is made of aluminum on the E39 – the first for a volume production car
Key Model Year Changes:
  • Final year of the E39 5 series
  • Sunroof and in-dash CD player are now standard
  • New multi-spoke wheels
  • Isofix/LATCH child seat anchors are added
  • Radio is updated to a new CD53 unit, which supports auxiliary
  • Center wheel caps are updated to higher quality pieces


Seller Notes:
  • 11k original miles
  • Alpine White
  • Final model year of the E39
  • Call for more info


  • Location: Prussia, Pennsylvania – (more photos below)
  • Update: ad is no longer available (sold or expired)

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