18,966 Original Miles


Automatic Transmission
6.6L 403ci V8
185 hp @ 3600 rpm*
320 lb/ft torque @ 2200 rpm*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 7.8 seconds
Top Speed: 132 mph
*Base Price in 1979: $6,204


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • The final year of the legendary Pontiac 400. For 1979, the Pontiac T/A 6.6L 400 engine could only be had with the 4spd, while the slightly less powerful Olds 403 was solely paired with an automatic. The 403 can be identified by the oil fill tube sprouting out toward the front of the engine bay
  • The 403, while also a 6.6L, was considered a small block V8 and was meant to sit below the top-dog W72 400ci Pontiac engine. The 403 came with the largest bore ever found in a small block V8 (4.351″). The bore was so massive that there was no space for coolant passages between the cylinder walls (the walls were “siamesed” together like a Chevy 400 small block). This required the cooling system to be at 100% to avoid any overheating
  • One of the coolest stand-out features of the ’79 model is the smoked full-length rear tail light lens matched with a larger rear spoiler
  • ’79 cars came with taller rear gearing (3.23:1). While this hurt off-the-line acceleration, it increased the top speed by a noticeable amount, as Car and Driver found out when they took one to 132 MPH. This occurred at 5400 RPM which surpassed the car’s 5000 RPM redline
  • The Firebird wasn’t known for its speed, however. A large Car and Driver comparison test in 1979 famously crowned the Pontiac Trans Am as the best handling car in America, surpassing even the Corvette (with its fully independent suspension). And while the Z28 was the Firebird’s twin, the Camaro had understeer dialed in thanks to smaller rear sway bars. The Firebird had bigger bars and higher rate rear springs that neutralized the understeer
  • Contrary to popular belief, the flaming bird on the hood (referred to by some as the “screaming chicken”) was never standard on any model year Trans Am, except for on special edition cars, anniversary, and pace cars. For all other Trans Ams, it was merely an option
Key Model Year Changes:
  • ’79 changes are almost all cosmetic, except for the rear end gearing, which was now a taller 3.23:1 for fuel economy
  • The rear tail light lens cover now stretches from corner to corner, and is tinted
  • A new, more aerodynamic 22 degree nose replaces the old 16 degree nose. The new front end look has 4 recessed headlights and two grilles
  • Intake air is now sucked in from underneath the bumper, where the air is cool and fresh
  • A deeper front spoiler is more resistant to curbing and parking lot dips. Bigger wheel air deflectors are added to match
  • All exterior brightwork is now a low gloss black
  • Larger rear spoiler and re-designed rear bumper
  • New tires from last year’s WS6 package
  • Floor mounted headlamp dimmer switch moves to the turn signal stalk
  • Redesigned seats
  • New power “Tri-Band” antenna (AM/FM/CB)


Seller Notes:
  • 19k original miles
  • Original paint with all factory metal
  • Have Pontiac Historical docs and original build sheet
  • Still some of the original protective plastic in spots
  • Original spare tire
  • Air Conditioning
  • Car needs nothing, ready to drive anywhere
  • The 403 engine received a mild top end build (Edelbrock intake and cam, 71 Olds heads , ceramic coated headers and Pypes exhaust)
  • Spare parts (original air cleaner, pumps, etc.) go with car
  • Nice pump gas cruiser that sounds great. Or keep it as a time capsule

  • Location: Greensburg, Pennsylvania – View Seller’s Ad (more photos below)
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