32,000 Original Miles


Manual Transmission
3.2L Flat 6
217 hp @ 5900 RPM*
195 lb/ft torque @ 4800 RPM*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 6.2 seconds
Top Speed: 149 MPH
*Base Price in 1987: $38,500


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:

  • 1987 is the first year of the Getrag G50 5spd gearbox, replacing the old ZF 915 5spd unit. The new G50 moves reverse to the left-and-up of first, unlike the 915 which has reverse placed below fifth gear
  • The G50 benefited from a hydraulically actuated clutch instead of the 915’s cable setup (new clutch is 15mm larger). The G50 also receives a gear selector centering spring for neutral, and the shifter has a better defined gate (the 915 gate was a bit more vague)
  • In regards to shift feel, the G50 featured a new Borg-Warner synchromesh in place of the 915’s “balk ring” synchromesh, which made for smoother shifting. The balk ring synchromesh requires more friction to operate smoothly than typical synthetic oils provide (non-synthetics like Swepco improve the shift quality of the 915)
  • In addition, the G50’s new synchromesh reduced the effort required to change gears from a stop and when speed shifting (the older balk ring setup made it difficult to shift fast in the 915, especially 1st to 2nd). So far, it’s safe to say the G50 is an improvement over the old 915 gearbox…
  • However, the G50 transmission/clutch weighs roughly 27 lbs more than a 915 gearbox/clutch. In addition, the gears ratios in the 915 are more tightly spaced than in the G50 gearbox, which results in less of an RPM drop between upshifts. Wider gear ratios were used in the G50 to improve street driveability, fuel economy, and emissions over the 915 cars
  • In addition, G50 cars are fitted with a reduced final drive ratio of 3.44:1, compared to 3.88:1 on 915 cars. This means the 915 transmission provides greater wheel torque in each gear than the G50
  • The G50 was rated at 221 ft/lbs of torque, which was very similar to the ’84 and newer 915 w/ factory oil cooler. However, all G50 cars benefit from the 240mm clutch from the earlier 930 Turbo. Despite this, the improved G50 still wasn’t strong enough for use in the 1987 930 Turbo – Porsche needed 2 years to further develop the G50 into the stronger “G50/50” before it was deemed suitable for the 930’s power output, which is why the 1989 911 Turbos are the only 930s to utilize a G50 transmission
Key Model Year Changes:
  • 1987 saw significant changes to the drivetrain. The Bosch fuel injection was re-tuned to accept premium unleaded fuel, which increased power from 207 to 217hp
  • New Getrag G50 5spd replaces the old Porsche 915 5spd gearbox
  • New H5 halogen headlights with replaceable bulbs (vs the sealed beam type of previous years). These new H5’s look like the Bosch H1’s and H4’s that were found on Euro cars for decades
  • The larger rear reflector now has the “Porsche” wording as a hologram (vs black lettering)
  • 3rd brake light is moved to the bottom of the rear window for all models except the Cabriolet
  • The oil cooler now has an electric blower attached to turn on when/if oil temps reach 244 F
  • Front tire size is increased to 195/65
  • First year of the lightweight Clubsport model, which was a no-options base car with wider wheels, stiffer shocks, and a lighter valvetrain (for a slightly higher redline)
  • The following years (1988 and 1989) brought minimal changes, mostly limited to wider wheels and tires. 1989 models received 16″ wheels
  • 1989 is the last year for the G series, making way for the new 964
Seller Notes:
  • 32k original miles
  • Well optioned
  • Guards Red over Tan
  • Service and ownership history
  • Excellent condition, runs great, new tires
  • Clean title and Carfax


  • Location: Fair Oaks, California – (more photos below)
  • Update: ad has been removed (sold or expired)

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