20,800 Original Miles


Automatic Transmission
5.4L V8
300 hp @ 5000 rpm*
355 lb/ft torque @ 2750 rpm*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 8.1 seconds
Top Speed: 106 mph
*Base Price in 2002: $52,500


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • The Blackwood was a limited production offering that could be described as a marriage between a Navigator and a Ford F-150. These trucks only came in black, and were RWD only (a 4WD system would raise the ride height, and Lincoln didn’t care for it. This truck was about style)
  • This is a 4 seater truck, with four bucket seats wrapped in perforated Connolly leather (fronts are heated and cooled). Oak trim graced the interior, which included a leather wrapped steering wheel. Both the front and rear seats featured an exceptionally large leather wrapped center console that included a removable tray and integrated “tissue box holder”
  • The most unique features of the Blackwood are found in the “trunk area” (Lincoln refused to call it a truck bed). The bed is sealed from the elements via the standard power tonneau cover, which can be raised and lowered with the key fob. There is no tailgate – rather, there are split Dutch style “barn doors” made of lightweight composite, allowing for low effort loading
  • The stainless steel lined bed has a carpeted floor, and the whole bed is lit with LED lighting. Integrated storage bins and a power outlet were also included. The bed itself is only 4ft 8in long, making it 26.5 cu ft of enclosed, well-lit trunk space
  • The exterior of the bed is wrapped in realistic looking (but fake) wood pattern panels with aluminum striping. Ford insisted on the “wood” look, but knew that authentic wooden panels would be a maintenance and warranty nightmare
  • While it featured a body on frame and an 8700 lb towing capacity, the Blackwood prioritized luxury transportation over truck duty. With RWD and a heavy duty steering rack from the Crown Victoria police car, it was easy to drive and well mannered on the road
  • These trucks came fully loaded @ $53k a pop, with a $2,000 GPS navigation as the only option. The powerful air conditioning system came straight from the Navigator
  • The rear suspension was unique to the Blackwood, and employed soft riding leaf springs matched with air springs and acceleration-sensing shocks. The system was designed to handle automatic load leveling and keep the Blackwood in check while cornering. When the weight of payload lowers the truck past a certain height, a compressor is activated to fill the air bags just enough to return to stock height. Maximum payload is 1200 lbs
Key Model Year Changes:
  • The Blackwood was produced for one model year only. Its replacement didn’t arrive until 2006 in the form of the Mark LT truck


Seller Notes:
  • Under 21k original miles
  • Occasionally driven
  • Excellent condition, very clean
  • Regularly serviced. Everything works
  • Tonneau cover control module professionally rebuilt (common issue) with a 5-year warranty
  • Sheepskins on seat bottoms (leather seats are like new)


  • Location: Alexandria, Virginia – View Seller’s Ad (more photos below)
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