19,736 Original Miles


Manual Transmission
3.0L Flat 6
200 hp @ 5500 rpm*
188 lb/ft torque @ 4200 rpm*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 6.3 seconds
Top Speed: 145 MPH
*Base Price in 1977: $20,739


*Seller Asking:


1977 porsche 911 for sale
Fast Facts:

  • The Carrera 3.0 was a 2 year production model (’76 and ’77) that bridged the gap between the mid-70’s 2.7 Carrera and the 3.0 SC. It was never sold Stateside, as Porsche never designed its engine to meet U.S emissions requirements
  • The 3.0 Carrera combined traits from two Porsche icons: the 930 Turbo and 2.7 RS. The 3.0 essentially had the 911 Turbo’s engine – minus the turbo. Same aluminum crankcase, but with the lighter crank and flywheel from the previous 2.7 Carrera (Euro), which was mechanically identical to the legendary 1973 2.7 RS. The lack of a turbo meant Porsche could increase compression from 6.5:1 to 8.5:1. The 3.0 also had bigger intake ports than the Turbo
  • Despite making 10 less hp and weighing 100lbs more, the 3.0 clocked faster acceleration times than the old 2.7 Carrera (Euro) by several tenth’s. It was evenly slightly faster than its successor, the SC (which weighed 150 lbs more)
  • In addition, the 3.0 felt faster around town than the 2.7, as it made noticeably more power up until ~5k RPM. This is because the more powerful 2.7 didn’t make peak torque until 5,100 RPM
  • Being powered by an air cooled engine, Porsche had notorious trouble trying to perfect the heater system in the 911. Previous models had to use seat levers to manually mix and “balance” cool outside air with hot air heated by the exhaust (exhaust leaks proved hazardous!). The ’76 3.0 Carrera received a new system composed of two thermostats and a rotary controller to handle this procedure automatically. In ’77, the passenger side received its own fan speed and heater sliders, essentially making it Porsche’s first “dual-zone” climate control system
  • 1976 was the first year of Porsche’s hot-dip zinc coating, which was a big advancement toward 911 rustproofing. This allowed Porsche to offer the industry’s longest corrosion warranty (6 years). The zinc coating worked great, but its stone chip resistance was mediocre. This meant it didn’t take much of an impact to expose the steel underneath, leading to rust
Key Model Year Changes:

  • Final year of the 3.0 Carrera. The following year (1978) switched to the SC (Super Carrera)
  • Produced only in 1976 and 1977. Just 3687 cars were built
  • 1977 had a few changes from the ’76 model, most notably a brake booster (significantly increased braking performance). The clutch receives an omega spring resulting in a lighter, smoother clutch pedal
  • For the interior, new face-level air vents were added, as well as separate fan/heater sliders for the passenger side
  • The doors feature a new twist-lock mechanism (vs the old pull-out style), making it harder for thieves to open
  • For whatever reason, the rear seats in the ’76 cars featured a vertical stitching pattern, which didn’t match the horizontal stitching of the front seats. In ’77, a light bulb must have went off, as the rear seats were switched to match the horizontal pattern of the front seats

Seller Notes:

  • Solid Carrera 3.0 (Euro model LHD)
  • Original paint and 19k orig miles
  • Stored for 30 plus years
  • All new fluids and brakes
  • Runs and drives. Clean title


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