52,545 Original Miles


Manual Transmission
3.0L Flat 6
180 hp @ 5500 RPM*
189 lb/ft torque @ 4200 RPM*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 6.5 seconds
Top Speed: 146 MPH
*Base Price in 1979: $22,960


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • The 911 SC (Super Carrera) featured wider fenders over the standard 911s of the previous generation. Weighing in @ only 2550 lbs, the SC featured an aluminum block and heads, forged steel crankshaft and a dry sump oil system
  • The fuel filler compartment includes a plastic bib that folds out to protect the paintwork from spills during fueling
  • Porsche put their cars through a very thorough rust prevention process allowing for a 7-year guarantee against rust. Porsche tested the steel body panels, which were galvanized on both sides, by blasting a salt solution at the body shell for 240 hrs @ 95 F ambient temp. The zinc-coated metal would appear immaculate after the test. In addition, the entire paint process was comprised of 27 stages
  • It was originally decided to have the front-engined 928 replace the 911 in 1979. However, sales were so strong (aided by significant upgrades in 1978) that Porsche decided to extend the 911’s model run to 1981. Things took a turn a few years later when Porsche appointed Peter W. Schutz as their new SEO – a move that completely changed the fate of the 911
  • Schutz was sitting in a board member’s office when he noticed a chart on the wall outlining all 3 Porsche models: the 928, 944, and the 911. The model timeline for the 928 and 944 extended many years into the future. The 911’s timeline, however, stopped short at the end of 1981. Having not been aware of Porsche’s plan to axe the car, Schutz went up to the board and extended the 911’s timeline “clean off the chart”, as he loved the car and knew how significant it was to the Porsche brand. “I am sure I heard a silent cheer in the office, and I knew I had done the right thing” – Schutz
  • Today, Peter Schutz goes down in history as the man who saved the 911
Key Model Year Changes:
  • 1979 featured minimal changes. 1978 and 1979 are generally grouped together in terms of year changes
  • The following year (1980) saw an 8hp decrease in power due to a more restrictive intake and emissions components. This is in addition to a slight compression increase


Seller Notes:
  • 52k original miles
  • 2nd owner
  • Copper Brown Metallic
  • Runs great
  • Interior is very good – no carpet stains or cracking upholstery
  • Maintenance, manuals, available
  • Contact seller for more info


  • CONTACT SELLERUpdate: Seller’s Craigslist ad has been deleted (sold or removed from market)

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1979 Porsche 911SC 911 carrera for sale classifieds

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