27,375 Original Miles


Manual Transmission
3.3L Flat 6 Turbo
282 hp @ 5500 rpm*
288 lb/ft torque @ 4000 rpm*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 4.6 seconds
Top Speed: 155 mph
*Base Price in 1986: $49,720


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • Porsche stopped selling the 930 Turbo in the States after 1979 because the growing U.S emissions requirements robbed too much power for Porsche’s liking
  • However, desperate (and wealthy) U.S buyers were finding ways to import Euro Turbos to the U.S via the grey market. 1979 was a very dreary time for performance cars in the U.S – no new car could quench the thirst of speed junkies like the 911 Turbo. The demand for these grey market Turbos were so high, that some say it’s the reason Porsche developed the Turbo-look variant for the U.S market – Americans couldn’t get enough of that widebody 911!
  • The Turbo returned in 1986 after Porsche was able to modify their engine management system to accept an oxygen sensor. Combined with a new metallic substrate catalytic converter, the Turbo was able to meet U.S emission requirements without a substantial loss in power
  • The Turbo’s CIS fuel injection system was borrowed from Mercedes’ V8 engines. Since the Porsche only has 6 cylinders, two of the outlets had to be plugged
  • With the return to the U.S came wider wheels and tires. This wasn’t done for looks – it was done to tame the squirminess under power during hard cornering
  • The Turbo’s 4spd has an exceptionally tall 1st gear – 50 MPH can be achieved without shifting into 2nd
  • While it came with a sizable turbocharger for its time, the engine in the 930 had very low compression (6.5:1 for early cars, 7:1 for ’79+). This meant it made very little power at low engine speeds.
  • This was fine around town, but once the turbo kicked in at 4,000 RPM, it made for a violent transition in power output. This became a defining characteristic of the 930 (especially early years), as drivers were known to lose control unexpectedly and crash
  • It was for this reason, combined with its short wheelbase and unfamiliar weight distribution, that the early 3.0L Turbos earned one of the most famous nicknames in the automotive industry: “The Widowmaker”
Key Model Year Changes:
  • 1986 saw the return of the Turbo in the States, with an 02 sensor and a new metallic substrate catalytic converter. The CIS/K-Jetronic engine management had also been modified to accept readings from an oxygen sensor
  • Driving fog lamps are now integrated into the front bumper, rather than sticking out “freestyle” (this change occurred in ’84 for the base Carrera)
  • Larger anti-roll bars are fitted: 22mm in the front (vs 20mm) and 20mm in the rear (vs 18mm). This reduced body roll without compromising ride quality
  • Dashboard ventilation undergoes a substantial redesign, resulting in more effective climate control
  • Wheel width increases to 9″ (from 8″) and wear 245/45 tires
  • Rear window defroster switch moves from the radio area to the center console
  • Emergency flasher button is now on the center console (vs next to the ignition switch)
  • Interior control knobs are reduced in size
  • Significant changes don’t occur until 1989 (final year), with the introduction of the G50/50 5spd transmission/hydraulic clutch. The 4spd trans had to be used up until that point because the standard G50 couldn’t handle the power of the Turbo
Seller Notes:
  • 2nd owner (since 1994)
  • Garage-kept and diligently maintained over the past 25 years
  • Factory options include air conditioning, sunroof, power-adjustable front seats, and a rear window wiper
  • Special white-faced gauges, an upgraded head unit, and an amplifier was installed
  • All gauges, electrical components, and accessories are in good working order
  • Comes with one key, original books and accessories, service records, and a clear title
  • Location: Deerfield Beach, Florida – (more photos below)
  • (ad is no longer available – sold or expired)


1986 porsche 911 Turbo 930 for sale

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