47,600 Original Miles


Manual Transmission
5.0L V8
225 hp @ 4200 RPM*
300 lb/ft torque @ 3200 RPM*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 6.6 seconds
Top Speed: 135 MPH


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • The Python is based on the 3rd gen Foxbody Mustang with the suspension redesigned by Lotus. This is not a kit car
  • The Python’s story began in the ’60s, when it was realized that AC cars were no longer able to supply aluminum bodies to Shelby for the Cobra. Ford designers Eugene Bordinat and Mckinley Thompson were tasked with designing the Cobra’s replacement – a car that had to continue where the AC Cobra left off and compete with cars like the Corvette. The prototype was referred to as the “Bordinat Cobra” – long before the name “Python” existed. Unfortunately, it never made it to production as Shelby and Ford parted ways
  • Fast forward to 1981 when a man named Alvin A. Kelly of Kelly Motors Ltd came across one of these prototype bodies. He loved the design so much that he decided to re-create the mold
  • Kelly had a relationship with one of the car’s original designers – Mckinley Thompson – and together they were able to get the approval of the grandfather of the design – Chief designer Eugene Bordinat himself – to build 4 complete prototypes with plans for production
  • Kelly chose the name “Python” presumeably to stay in line with the original “Cobra” name. These cars used a strengthened Mustang frame with a shortened wheelbase to achieve a 55/45 weight distribution, and the suspension was entirely optimized by Lotus to improve handling
  • The Python came with a full Mustang interior, engine, and drivetrain. To save on costs, many items from the Ford parts bin were used, such as pop-up headlights from the Probe and tail lights from the Thunderbird
  • The plan was to sell these cars through Ford dealers, allowing buyers to option their Python with any dealer upgrades that were available for the Mustang
  • Unfortunately, Kelly’s company went bust shortly after production began. It is estimated that 12 cars were produced, and only 7 are known to exist today
Key Model Year Changes:
  • Only 12 Pythons made, with only 7 known to currently exist
  • Below changes are for the 1990 Mustang:
  • First year of the airbag steering wheel, which eliminated the tilt wheel option
  • First year of basecoat/clearcoat paint (only certain colors)
  • First year of door panel pockets (non-leather cars)
  • First year of rear seat shoulder belts
  • First year of optional leather interior
  • The driver’s side lower dash panel is modified to include a knee bolster
  • The “Mustang” lettering on the rear bumper didn’t appear until the 1992 models
  • CD player didn’t arrive until the final model year (1993)


Seller Notes:
  • 1 of 7 known to exist
  • Completely black (paint, top, wheels, interior)
  • Fully street legal and very useable vehicle
  • Compliant to 1990 California emissions standards
  • Ice cold air conditioning
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  • Location: Desert Hot Springs, California – (more photos below)
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1990 ford mustang python for sale classifieds

1990 ford mustang python for sale classifieds 1

1990 ford mustang python for sale classifieds 2

1990 ford mustang python for sale classifieds 3

1990 ford mustang python for sale classifieds 4

1990 ford mustang python for sale classifieds 5

1990 ford mustang python for sale classifieds interior

1990 ford mustang python for sale classifieds interior 1

1990 ford mustang python for sale classifieds tag

1990 ford mustang python for sale classifieds engine bay

1990 ford mustang python for sale classifieds underside

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