23,734 Original Miles


Manual Transmission
2.0L Turbocharged 4 cyl
200 hp @ 6000 RPM*
200 lb/ft torque @ 3200 RPM*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 5.9 seconds
Top Speed: 142 MPH
*Base Price in 1991: $18,628


*Seller Asking:

$25,000 obo

Fast Facts:
  • The MR2’s 3S-GTE Turbo engine came from the Celica All-Trac Turbo, and featured an aluminum cylinder head designed by Yamaha. The aluminum pistons, which are cooled via oil squirters, include valve reliefs that are large enough to prevent contact with the valves if the timing belt snaps (making this a non-interference engine)
  • Toyota developed their own turbocharger for this engine in-house. Known as the CT26, it features lightweight ceramic construction and can spin up to 110,000 RPM. Max boost pressure was 11.8 PSI. An air-to-air intercooler was installed to increase the charge density, boost power and reduce the chance detonation
  • All Turbo models came with a stronger gearbox with different ratios compared to the non-turbo MR2, as well as beefier axles, a more powerful fuel pump, and a larger radiator
  • Sources claim that Toyota seriously considered using the 4WD setup from the Celica All-Trac, but the idea was discarded due to the increased weight and cost. Plus it would have stolen sales
    from the All-Trac
  • The MR2 generated quite a bit more grip in the corners than its predecessor, capable of .89 g (vs .84g). Pushing an MR2 beyond its limits and breaking traction wasn’t very difficult (we’re talking 200hp in a lightweight sports car with skinny tires). Unfortunately, this introduced a problem that would forever haunt the MR2
  • Once traction is lost in a corner, a phenomenon would occur called snap oversteer (when a car goes from understeer to oversteer so quickly it results in a spin). Essentially the rear wheels would toe out dramatically during hard cornering under full-boost, with the rear suspension at max compression. Snap oversteer was a handling characteristic that the MR2 became famous for
  • Since the issue only occurs at the car’s limits, the behavior was never apparent on the street like it was on the race track, where the MR2 would literally attempt a full 180 mid-corner. Even Toyota’s best drivers had difficulty catching the car during IMSA’s Firestone Firehawk series – one team member described the car as “insane”
  • The good news is that Toyota made changes for the 1993 model year to address this issue. The updates include lengthening the rear lateral links by nearly 4 inches, as well as raising the attachment points of the rear trailing arms by 3mm
  • The modifications made the MR2 much more manageable, successfully eliminating the extreme toe-out during cornering. Drivers who pushed the new MR2 over the limit of adhesion had a better chance of catching a slide
  • While the changes add to the desirability of ’93+ models, some drivers prefer the liveliness of the early suspension setup, fully aware of the oversteer characteristics and how to avoid them. Thankfully, suspension parts from the later models can be swapped onto the earlier models – this is a common practice considering how much easier it is to find a pre-’93 model over a later one
Key Model Year Changes:
  • First year of the SW20 generation MR2 in the U.S
  • Major changes didn’t occur until the 1993 model year. The first round of changes occurred in Jan 1992 (for the ’93 MY) which include:
  • Revised rear suspension with longer toe links
  • Revised front suspension which removed castor angle adjustment
  • Ride height reduced by 10mm
  • Enlarged front lip
  • 15″ wheels and wider tires on all models
  • The Turbo model receives bigger brakes
  • Shorter shift lever w/ smaller knob
  • First year of the limited slip option on Turbo models
  • Upgraded transmission synchros
  • Turbo models could only be ordered with a T-bar roof after early 1993
  • After November 1993, MR2’s came with round “Kouki” tail lights, a passenger airbag, upgraded ABS, reinforced rear strut towers, and a new 1-piece rear wing (replacing the 3-piece). The center panel, front lip, and side skirts are now painted body color
Seller Notes:
  • Only 23k original miles
  • T-Top
  • Original wheels included
  • Steel Mist Gray over blue interior
  • KO Racing cooling system, HKS intercooler, and DP racing coilovers have been added
  • Fluid flush in 2019
  • Upgraded sound system
  • Clean CARFAX no accidents


  • Location: Thousand Oaks, California – (more photos below)
  • Update: car has been sold


1991 toyota mr2 turbo 5spd for sale

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1991 toyota mr2 turbo 5spd for sale 2

1991 toyota mr2 turbo 5spd for sale 3

1991 toyota mr2 turbo 5spd for sale 4

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1991 toyota mr2 turbo 5spd for sale 91

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