38,394 Original Miles


Automatic Transmission
6.5L Turbodiesel
195 hp @ 3400 rpm*
430 lb/ft torque @ 1800 rpm*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 18 seconds
Top Speed: 83 MPH
*Base Price in 1998: $72,309


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • The 6,860 pound Hummer H1 by AM General had two engine choices available, with the Turbodiesel as the most powerful option. Both engines pair with a 4L80E transmission. Available in multiple configurations, the Wagon body style (shown here) was the most expensive
  • The H1 is capable of conquering 18″ vertical barriers, climbing 60% grades, and traversing 40% side slopes
  • The 16″ vertical ground clearance, which was double that of the typical SUV at the time, allowed for a 72 degree approach angle and a 38 degree departure angle. A 72″ track width and low center of gravity make it nearly impossible to flip over
  • The ground clearance was achieved by tucking the driveline components deep within an oversized transmission tunnel. It was also achieved thanks to the use of fully independent front and rear suspension
  • The H1 can plow through 3ft snow drifts and wade through 2.5 feet of water – all while caring 4,000 lbs worth of cargo. Towing capacity with the Turbodiesel is 8,510 lbs
  • With the exception of a steel roof and doors, the H1’s body shell is all aluminum (saving weight and adding corrosion resistance). The shell sits on top of a boxed steel frame with five crossmembers
  • Full time 4WD with torque biasing differentials can send power to all four wheels – even when one or more have lost traction
  • The Central Tire Inflation system features an onboard compressor, allowing drivers to inflate or deflate the 37″ tires with the flick of a switch from inside the cabin
  • Features Hummer’s Geared Hub Assembly, which is capable of providing a gear reduction of 2:1 on each wheel end. This doubles the torque when needed most, and allows drivers to navigate obstacles that would cripple other SUVs
  • Creature comforts and extensive sound dampening are all that separate a civilian Hummer from the M998 military Humvee. Parts such as the brakes, axles, frame, and major body panels (hood, tailgate, and quarter panels) are shared between the Humvee and H1. Both H1s and Humvees were produced on the same assembly line – the difference was that civilian H1’s were sent across the parking lot to receive paint and final assembly
  • Other unique features include inboard mounted brakes, a heated windshield, and two fuel tanks – a primary 25 gallon tank, and a 17 gallon reserve tank
  • The H1’s turning radius is 26.5 ft. For reference, the turning radius of a new Cadillac Escalade is 19.5 ft
  • The Hummer H1 has more than just military cred. Between 1993 and 1997, three out of the four Baja 1000 races were won in bone stock Turbodiesel Hummers
Key Model Year Changes:
  • Lighter, one piece HD wheels with run flat tires (bead lock capable)
  • Updated fan clutch comes on at higher temperatures, and a new eight blade cooling fan provides quieter operation
  • Final drive changed from 2.73:1 to 2.56:1 to lower engine RPM at highway speed (Turbodiesel)
  • The geared hubs are refinished for quieter operation
  • Rear cargo doors are added to the central locking system
  • New camber adjusters allow for easier wheel alignments. Unfortunately, it’s also easier for these new adjusters to get misaligned during off-roading. Serious off-roaders have been known to swap these out for the old, shim style adjusters
  • ’98 models are slightly quieter and more civilized than previous models
  • The H1 was originally marketed as the “Hummer” (no “H1” designation). In 1999, GM bought the marketing rights to the Hummer name, and re-named it the H1 (due to plans of releasing an H2)
  • The H1 was produced from 1992 to 2006. A new 2007 diesel emissions law prevented the H1 from continuing production (it wasn’t worth the expense to obtain new certification)
  • Drivetrain options remained the same up until 2006. Known as the Alpha, ’06 models are the only year to feature a 6.6L Duramax and Alison 1000 transmission. These are hard to find, and incredibly expensive. 2006 was designed to be the first year of the 2nd generation H1, so extensive changes were made mechanically (too many to list)


Seller Notes:
  • 38k original miles
  • Garage kept. Babied
  • Never took it off road
  • Stock except for back up camera, land navigation, Fosgate speakers, and Kenwood stereo
  • Self inflating tire option
  • Seats are in beautiful condition, thanks to seat covers


  • Location: Greenville, South Carolina – (more photos below)
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