38,000 Original Miles


Automatic Transmission
3.4L V6
183 hp @ 4800 RPM*
217 lb/ft torque @ 3600 RPM*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 10 seconds
Top Speed: 110 MPH
*Base Price in 2000: $26,308


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • The SR5 package includes daytime running lights, body-colored side mirrors, rear privacy glass, upgraded “deluxe” sound system, and more
  • The DOHC 3.4L V6 (5VZ-FE), which replaced the SOHC 3.0L in 1995, offered a substantial power boost of +40hp and +40 lb ft
  • The 3.0L SOHC that came before it featured a forged steel crankshaft, despite making only 150 horsepower. This is because the 3.0L was engineered in the 80’s – a time when manufacturers were overbuilding engines as a safeguard due to the lack of modern engineering software and tooling (when in doubt, make it stronger). This is why the time period produced bulletproof blocks like Toyota’s 2JZ and Mitsubishi’s 4G63
  • When it came time to develop the 3.4L, Toyota’s new software made them realize how unnecessary a forged crank was for a sub-200hp motor. The decision was made to switch to a cast crankshaft, despite putting out 40hp/40 ft-lb over the previous powerplant
  • This does nothing to take away from the fact that the 3.4L is one of Toyota’s most dependable V6 engines ever made. And quite frankly, the more powerful (and fuel-efficient) 3.4L cars can hit 60 MPH over 3 seconds faster than 3.0L cars
Key Model Year Changes:
  • Body color fender flares are now optional
  • Final year of the optional manual transmission
  • Alternator is upgraded to an 80 amp unit (vs 70 amp)
  • A.D.D. (Automatic Disconnect Differential) is now standard
  • Overdrive switch is updated to a “momentary” type
  • Final year of the optional electric rear differential lock
  • The following year (2001) sees new wheels and a redesigned grille. Mechanical changes for ’01 include ETCS-i (Electronic Throttle Control System-intelligent) system and ORVR (On-Board Refilling Vapor Recovery) (to reduce fuel vapor leakage into atmosphere while refueling). Air-fuel ratio sensor and WU-TWC (Warm Up Three-Way Catalytic Converters) are added
  • 2001 sees other numerous updates
  • Production of the 3rd gen 4 Runner concludes in 2002


Seller Notes:
  • 38k original miles. Garaged
  • Original owner
  • No accidents
  • All stock
  • Exterior and interior are pristine
  • Non-smoking, no pets
  • Mechanically in superb condition runs and drives practically like new
  • Will last for generations just like a Toyota should
  • Synthetic oil changes was performed every 3k miles at Toyota dealership, has new Michelin tires that are still under warranty
  • Location: Sacramento, California – (more photos below)
  • Update: ad is no longer available (sold or expired)

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