39,573 Original Miles


Manual Transmission
3.5L V6
306 hp @ 6800 RPM*
268 lb/ft torque @ 4800 RPM*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 5.2 seconds
Top Speed: 160 MPH
*Base Price in 2007: $28,515


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • 2007 was an important year for the Z, as it marked the introduction of the VQ35 “HR” (“High-Revving”) engine. This new powerplant redlines to 7500 RPM while offering 90% of peak torque between 2,000 and 7,000 RPM
  • This new “HR” powerplant is over 80% new compared to the previous VQ35 engine. Known as the “DE”, the last engine made more torque, but in a much narrower (peaky) powerband – making the car feel a bit sleepy until around 4,000 RPM. In addition, the internal balancing of the new HR engine was revised to provide noticeably smoother operation with less NVH than the old VQ35 motors
  • Despite featuring a 15mm lower center, the HR engine has a higher deck height and longer connecting rods, making it tall enough to warrant a bulge in the hood for clearance. This hood is the quickest way to distinguish a 2007/2008 model from an older one
  • Unfortunately, the 2007-2008 fell victim to a particularly troublesome design flaw – an internal clutch slave cylinder that hinders drivability and is prone to leaking and failure. Converting to the older “external style” slave cylinder (or using solutions from companies like Zspeed) can alleviate the issue on an otherwise fantastic car. You’ll find many 2007-2008 owners have had the issue addressed already (there was a recall)
  • The VQ is infamous for its distinctive engine note/exhaust sound. Nissan actually engineered this sound through the Z’s “symmetrical intake and exhaust system” that allows for clear and robust noises that rise with engine speed. The central merging of the exhaust underneath the car (where both sides of the exhaust system meet) is designed to prevent the two exhaust flows from mixing, thereby “suppressing generation of 0.5 subharmonics, which are known to muddle the sound” – Nissan. The intake’s resonator is also tuned to cancel out muddy sounds. Combined with an equal length exhaust manifold and the exhaust system’s curved endplate, Nissan achieves some pretty bespoke overtones with these engines – resulting in the VQ35 “bellow” that most car enthusiasts are familiar with
Key Model Year Changes:
  • 2007 received the last substantially changes to the 350Z. The following year (2008) is the final year of production and virtually identical
  • First year of the 306hp VQ35 “HR”
  • First year of the updated SAE horsepower certifications, which translated to “only” a 6 hp increase (advertised). In reality, the increase was 20hp+
  • First year of the bulge in the hood (to accommodate the new engine) as well as the twin airbox setup (replacing the old single airbox setup)
  • Interior receives numerous updates
  • First year of the faulty internal slave cylinder
  • The previous year (2006) was the first year of the updated front bumper, as well as High Intensity Discharge (HID) bi-xenon headlights


Seller Notes:
  • 39k original miles
  • 6spd
  • Always garaged
  • 3rd owner
  • New brakes and tires
  • Hotchkis Sports Suspension
  • Koni Yellow adjustable shocks
  • All the fluids were just changed
  • Been lovingly taken care of


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2007 nissan 350z coupe 6spd manual for sale classifieds

2007 nissan 350z coupe 6spd manual for sale classifieds 2

2007 nissan 350z coupe 6spd manual for sale classifieds 3

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