83,359 Original Miles


Manual Transmission
3.7L 225ci Slant 6
140 hp @ 3900 RPM*
215 lb/ft torque @ 1600 RPM*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 15 seconds
Top Speed: 70 MPH
*Base Price in 1966: $1,945


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • The compact pickup model shown here has a “Forward Control” design, and was built to compete with the Ford Econoline and VW Type 2 Bus. The engine sits between the driver and passenger
  • The A100 saved the Dodge truck line from extinction. A letter from Daimler Chrysler Corp revealed that, in the early 60’s, Chrysler management made an agreement to drop out of the truck market entirely if the A100 wasn’t a success. Thanks to strong sales, Dodge continued producing trucks
  • When released in 1964, these trucks featured alternators. This was unusual for a truck at the time, as most used generators. Another unusual feature was an oil-bath air cleaner – an item that had been almost completely phased out by this time
  • The A100 was offered with the only heavy-duty 3-speed manual transmission in the compact truck field. Putting the shifter on the column (earning the nickname “3 on the tree”) saved valuable interior space over a floor shifter
  • These trucks came with bigger brakes (by far) and a bigger gas tank (21 gallons) than any other compact truck available at the time
  • The first ever exhibition act of “wheelstanding” used a Dodge A100 driven by Bill “Maverick” Golden. Dodge, who sponsored Bill’s racing efforts, supplied Bill with an A100 powered by a supercharged, nitro-injected 426 Hemi (placed in the rear). While it broke the record for the A/Factory Experimental class, the truck nearly flipped over backwards during testing. With an almost unavoidable tendency to perform a wheelie during launch, the “Little Red Wagon” (as it was named) became a hit with the crowds. Bill eventually used the truck solely as an exhibition vehicle, and unintentionally ignited the art of “wheelstanding” that lasted for many decades
Key Model Year Changes:
  • The 273ci V8 becomes available. This is replaced by the 318 in 1967
  • Curb weight goes up by 140 lbs
  • The following year (1967) receives a dual master cylinder brake system, dashboard safety padding, and sun visors. A newly available “Custom” package adds rear quarter windows, chrome hubcaps, a cigar lighter, and misc. interior trim pieces. The rear quarter windows could be had as a standalone option
  • Later models receive more powerful alternators and higher front/rear axle load ratings
  • 1970 models receive a new, fully synchronized 3spd manual transmission. The 170ci base engine is replaced by a new 198ci engine
  • The A100 was produced from 1964 to 1970, and was replaced by the B-van
Seller Notes:
  • 83k original miles
  • Excellent original condition
  • Original 225 slant six/ 3spd on the tree
  • Rear quarter window option
  • Runs and drives excellent. Shifts great. No leaks
  • All interior gauges work properly and all electrical works as it should
  • Original wheels wrapped in brand new tires
  • Fires right up every time


  • Location: Dover, Massachusetts – (more photos below)
  • Update: car has been sold


1966 dodge a100 pickup truck for sale

1966 dodge a100 pickup truck for sale 1

1966 dodge a100 pickup truck for sale 3

1966 dodge a100 pickup truck for sale 3

1966 dodge a100 pickup truck for sale 4

1966 dodge a100 pickup truck for sale 5

1966 dodge a100 pickup truck for sale 8

1966 dodge a100 pickup truck for sale 6

1966 dodge a100 pickup truck for sale 7

1966 dodge a100 pickup truck for sale 9

1966 dodge a100 pickup truck for sale 91

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