55,000 Original Miles


Automatic Transmission
6.6L 400ci V8
350 hp @ 5000 rpm*
445 lb/ft torque @ 3000 rpm*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 6.6 seconds
Top Speed: 120 MPH
*Base Price in 1968: $3,078


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • While there were multiple performance options, the 400ci was the sole engine size available for the GTO in ’68. Contrary to popular belief, there were no 421ci or 428ci engines installed by the factory. The 455ci wasn’t available until 1970, when engine size restrictions were dropped
  • 1967 and later automatic GTO’s could be optioned with a Hurst “His and Hers” shifter (found on this example). This shifter represents one of the earliest forms of a manually selectable automatic transmission. The “Her’s” referred to the conventional PRNDL automatic shifter, used by “her”. The “His” section was one notch over, and it allowed the driver (assumed to be a “he”) to have full control, shifting into each gear without a clutch. Now, married couples no longer had to argue about getting an automatic or manual trans – just get the “His and Her’s” shifter!
  • The ’68 GTO featured multiple distinctive styling cues, such as a “hidden” cowl with hidden windshield wipers (due to the hood extending up to the windshield base). Another example was a body-colored Endura bumper (when everyone else was using chrome bumpers). Made from high-density urethane-elastomer foam, it will never rust. Weighing 44lbs per cubic foot, it was capable of resisting parking dings, while dents were known to bounce back after a minor front-end impact. During development, a 1/2″ dent was created from a 1,000 lb load. The dent completely recovered in less than 24 hours after depression by a 4000 lb load for 8 hours. A famous commercial shows Pontiac salespeople whacking the bumper with everything from golf clubs to baseball bats, showing no harm done
  • Even the paint on the bumper was unique. It contained a special flex agent that allowed it to flex with the bumper, sustain harsh paint chip damage, and allow imperfections to buff out easily
  • While the technology was effective, Pontiac faced many problems on the assembly line with bumper alignment, color match, and paint adhesion. It was also tough for body shops to effectively repair any damage. It became such an issue that Pontiac offered a chrome bumper option, which deleted the Endura bumper
  • Throughout its 8-year run, quite a few mechanical marvels were created for the GTO that never made production, such as an overhead cam engine fitted with a Tri-Power setup
  • Another option that never saw the light of day was a “Tiger” button (this was John Delorean’s idea). Pushing the “Tiger” button would actuate multiple performance-related events, such as a vacuum-controlled exhaust bypass, vacuum-controlled “Ram Air” actuation, shift calibration adjustment to “firm” on the auto trans (while also raising shift points), and more. The minor performance gains probably weren’t worth the complexity of all these systems, and the “Tiger” option was discarded
Key Model Year Changes:
  • Significant re-design. New “coke bottle” styling
  • There is virtually no resemblance between ’67 and ’68 GTO’s
  • Cowl is now hidden
  • First year of the optional hideaway headlights
  • First year of the body colored Endura bumper
  • The engine and drivetrain options were virtually a carryover from the previous year, albeit with some refinements (and later in the year – higher performing Ram Air options)
  • First year of emissions equipment, such as the A.I.R pump (not all GTO’s received this equipment)
  • … and much more!
  • The following year (1969) sees a re-design of the: rear bumper, taillights, grille, front valance, and more. 1969 is also the first year of the Judge option
  • Besides the tail lights, the most obvious way to tell a ’69 from a ’68 is the absence of the quarter vent windows (only ’68 had these)
Seller Notes:
  • One owner – bought new in 1968
  • Original, number’s matching 400ci V8
  • Verdoro Green over White
  • His/Hers Shifter
  • No rust
  • Interior is all original


  • Location: Inland Empire, California – (more photos below)
  • Update: craigslist ad has been deleted

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1968 pontiac gto verdoro green for sale

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1968 pontiac gto verdoro green for sale 3

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1968 pontiac gto verdoro green for sale 1

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