66,640 Original Miles


Manual Transmission
2.2L flat six
125hp hp @ 5800 RPM*
130 lb/ft torque @ 4200 RPM*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 6.6 seconds
Top Speed: 143 MPH
Base Price in 1971*: $6,495


Seller Asking*:


Fast Facts:
  • There are many that claim the 1970-1971 cars, with their 2.2L engines, are some of the best 911’s ever built. They were the ideal all-purpose sports cars, with the perfect gear ratios (optional 5spd) and excellent low-end torque, ride comfort, style, refinement, and even fuel economy – no other sports car of the day could return 25mpg at 85 mph and cruise all day at 110 mph like the 1970-1971 911
  • People further praise the 911T model, which still uses carburetors (the rest of the model line uses mechanical fuel injection) and does without the complex hydro-pneumatic struts found on the E. While the 911S steals the spotlight with its powerful (180hp) high-revving engine, it was gutless below 5,500 RPM. The 911T was essentially the perfect spec for a daily driver and was even preferred over the 911S by Road and Track in a period road test
  • The “T” in 911T does not stand for “Targa”. While a Targa variant was available, the “T” stood for “Touring”
  • The biggest change for 1970-71 models is the 2.2L motor. Compared to the high-strung, high-revving nature of the previous 2.0L engine, the 2.2L had a flatter torque curve, more power, and was more enjoyable around town
  • While 1971 911T models officially came with Zenith triple-choke carbs, a few cars left the factory with the more expensive Weber carbs. The official reason is unknown
  • The steering is lighter and easier at lower speeds in these 1970-1971 models compared to previous years thanks to reduced front wheel caster. This also limited vibrations in the steering wheel
  • All 911’s had a sophisticated dry sump oiling system with an oil cooler (the “S” model had two coolers)
Key Model Year Changes:
  • Piston oil squirters were added to the crankcase to improve piston cooling
  • Fuel pump is now located at the rear of the car (as opposed to the front suspension crossmember on previous years)
  • Final year of the dogleg 901/911 transmission. The following year (1972) introduces the “915” transmission
  • Final year of the small round side mirror (replaced with a larger square mirror the following year)
  • The model designation is no longer found on the glove box
  • First year of the 3 speed/intermittent wipers
  • First year of the optional heated windshield
  • First year of the optional H3 bulb fog/driving lights
  • Models produced after Aug 1970 (“D” Program) have some of the exposed sections of their underside dipped in hot zinc for extra corrosion protection. Cars after this build date are also the first to receive a sealed-type chain tensioner, as well as evaporative fuel controls for U.S. emissions
  • 1970 and 1971 are generally grouped together in regards to model year changes, as they look virtually identical and are mechanically similar. Compared to 1969 models, 1970-71 no longer have push-button door handles. Instead, they use a pull lever behind the handle – this style lasts for the rest of the air-cooled era (1998)


Seller Notes:
  • 66k original miles
  • Numbers matching
  • SoCal car
  • Fully documented history
  • Contact through Craigslist link below for more info


  • Location: Bellingham, Washington – (more photos below)
  • Disclaimer: New Old Cars LLC is not affiliated with or endorsed by the seller or Craigslist

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1971 porsche 911 T 911t targa low mileage original documented numbers matching for sale classifieds

1971 porsche 911 T 911t targa low mileage original documented numbers matching for sale classifieds 1

1971 porsche 911 T 911t targa low mileage original documented numbers matching for sale classifieds black interior

1971 porsche 911 T 911t targa low mileage original documented numbers matching for sale classifieds engine bay

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