75,303 Original Miles


Manual Transmission
1.3L Rotary
135 hp @ 6000 RPM*
133 lb/ft torque @ 2750 RPM*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 7.8 seconds
Top Speed: 125 MPH
*Base Price in 1984: $15,095


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • The fuel-injected 13B Rotary engine, new for 1984, only came on GSL models equipped with the SE package. This package also includes unique 14″ wheels, larger disc brakes, 5spd overdrive, heavy-duty suspension, an oil cooler, and a limited-slip differential. Power steering was optional
  • At $15k, the GSL-SE was 50% more expensive than the base “S” model ($10k msrp)
  • The 13B is ultra-compact (1.3L), lightweight, virtually vibration-free, and provides an ultra-smooth power delivery throughout the entire RPM range. The rotary engine, by design, is so compact that Mazda seriously considered a mid-engine layout for the RX-7. Unfortunately, the idea was shelved due to cost
  • The 13B’s power increase over lesser RX-7 models was impressive – Mazda was able to take the base carbureted 12A engine and increase power by 34% without any forced induction – only a 14% bump in displacement, a switch to Bosch fuel injection, and a specially tuned 6 port variable induction manifold was needed (known as Dynamic Effect Intake, the manifold produced a “supercharging” effect during the opening and closing of the intake ports)
  • 13B powered models can hit 60 MPH about 2 seconds faster than 12A powered cars, according to Motor Trend
  • With a 50/50 weight distribution and a 2512 lb curb weight, the RWD RX-7 was intended to compete with the Porsche 924 and Datsun 280Z
  • Mazda chose recirculating ball steering over a more modern rack and pinion setup as it requires less steering effort and transmits less road “shock” to the steering wheel than rack and pinion systems. The specially designed recirculating ball steering feels very close to a rack and pinion system while requiring less steering effort
  • The rear uses a solid axle setup (3.93 final drive) paired with a 4-link and coil springs. A modern Watts linkage allows for precise control of the vehicle’s roll center. The result is that the RX-7 remains incredibly stable during high speed cornering. Even the skidpad results were exceptional – at .84g, the RX-7 pulled higher numbers than the same year 911 Carrera (.80g). Even the 911 Turbo, with its wide track and grippier tires, could only manage .82g
Key Model Year Changes:
  • First year of the 13b rotary engine, which only came on cars with the GSL-SE package
  • Updated front bumper panel (slots next to grille)
  • There are now two washer jets. Wiper blades are longer for better coverage
  • New four-speed fan improves climate control/ventilation. Controls are now dials
  • Steering wheel design is updated
  • Lights and a door lock are added to the storage bins
  • Seats are improved, with increased support and more plush fabrics
  • New optional 4spd overdrive automatic transmission
  • Power steering (variable with speed) is now a available (but only on GSL and SE models)
  • The instrument numbers are now red (previously orange)
  • The following year (1985) saw minimal changes. ’85 was the final year of the FB generation RX-7, replaced by the FC in 1986


Seller Notes:
  • 2nd owner
  • Genuine GSL-SE with the 13b rotary engine
  • Original paint
  • No rust
  • Small scratch on the passenger door and some scuffs on the lower front air dam
  • Interior is well cared for. Everything works. Stereo is missing volume knob
  • Everything is factory original except for: a wood trimmed sport steering wheel w/ matching shift knob/handbrake lever, and a Clarion CD player


  • Location: Chicago, Illinois – (more photos below)
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