37,281 Original Miles


Manual Transmission
2.6L Inline 6
276 hp @ 6800 rpm*
271 lb/ft torque @ 4400 rpm*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 5.3 seconds
Top Speed: 155 mph
*Base Price in 1995: $54,600 (Japan)


*Seller Asking:


1995 nissan skyline gtr r33 for sale
Fast Facts:

  • The GTR features Nissan’s underrated twin turbo RB26DETT, which was used in all R32, R33, and R34 GTR’s. The horsepower ratings are conservative due to the “Gentlemen’s Agreement” between Japanese automakers at the time, which limited horsepower to around 280. It has been proven (even admitted by Nissan insiders) that the car produces between 311 and 325 hp
  • The characters in RB26DETT have meaning. The “RB” stands for Race Bred. “26” stands for 2.6 liter. “D” stands for DOHC. “E” means fuel injected. “TT” refers to twin turbo
  • The RB26DETT (RB26 for short) is an incredibly durable engine that was designed with Group A competition as its primary objective. The valvetrain features solid cam followers (the equivalent of solid lifters in a pushrod V8). This means it requires periodic lash adjustment, and has a slightly noisy operation
  • Most OHC setups use a valve lash shim that sits on top of the follower (underneath the cam lobe), which can get displaced during high RPM operation. The RB26 places this shim underneath the follower (also referred to as a “bucket”). This “shim under bucket” actuation dramatically improves reliability at high RPM
  • The strength of the RB26 comes from its closed deck cast iron block, which houses a crank support girdle, forged I-beam connecting rods, and a crankshaft balanced to tight tolerances (8 counterweights are used). The factory block alone supports over 800hp. The short stroke and large bore give it a desirable bore/stroke ratio that favors high RPM operation (giving it an 8200 RPM redline)
  • The cast pistons might seem like a weak point, but they feature oil cooling channels under the crowns to reduce piston temperature, in addition to the cooling provided by piston oil squirters. This helps reduce the chance of detonation, allowing them to handle more power
  • The RB26 also employs 6 ITBs (3 sets of 2 throttles siamesed together). This is topped off with a parallel twin turbo setup consisting of T-25 ceramic turbochargers with wastegates limiting boost to 12 psi. Turbos are water cooled and oil pressure lubed
  • The R33’s engine was almost identical to the R32’s engine, minus things like a beefier oil pump drive collar. The 5spd manual has upgraded synchros as well, compared to the R32
  • In summary, the R33 weighed more than the R32, but had equally good handling and was faster around the race track. The R33 is the first GTR to lap the Nurburgring under 8 min, and its 7:59 lap time trumps the R32’s lap time by a respectable 21 seconds
Key Model Year Changes:

  • This is the first year of the R33 GTR
  • R33’s are divided into Series. Series 1 refers to 1995, Series 2 refers to 1996, and Series 3 refers to ’97 and ’98
  • The differences between the series are mostly cosmetic
  • Series 3 featured the most notable changes, such as upgraded ABS, Xenon headlights, larger brake cooling ducts, etc
  • Full list of year to year changes can be found here

Seller Notes:

  • 37,000 original miles, verified with paperwork
  • Engine is all stock. Wheels are original as well
  • The only mods are steering wheel, clear blinkers, and floor mats
  • Japanese Shaken inspection was done recently

  • Location: Cowlitz County, Washington – (more photos below)
  • Update: ad is no longer available (sold or expired)
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