35,550 Original Miles


Automatic Transmission
6.0L V8
345 hp @ 5200 RPM*
380 lb/ft torque @ 4000 RPM*
Capable 0-60 MPH: 6.3 seconds
Top Speed: 109 MPH (L)
MSRP in 2003: $39,205


*Seller Asking:


Fast Facts:
  • The SS is powered by GM’s Vortec LQ9 engine (available on the Escalade since 2002). Cadillac referred to this engine as the “HO 6000”, while Chevrolet/GMC advertised it as the “Vortec High Output” and eventually “VortecMAX”
  • The performance driven LQ9 features powdered metal rods and hypereutectic aluminum flat top pistons that provide a 10:1 compression ratio. Hypereutectic pistons feature high silicone content – this adds thermal stability to the alloy, keeping the piston stable through a wide range of temperatures
  • The LQ9’s real party piece is the heavy duty cast iron block. At 216 lbs, it’s 100 lbs heavier than the aluminum LS1 block. The racing industry has consistently proven that the blocks alone can withstand over 1000 horsepower (stock internals can handle around 600hp)
  • The SS came standard with AWD (RWD models didn’t arrive until 2005). The full-time 4WD system includes a viscous limited-slip center differential that splits torque 38% / 62% front and rear. Final drive ratio is 4.10:1
  • Despite the “sport truck” intentions, the SS is capable of towing 7500 lbs
  • The SS is factory fitted with “Z60” suspension, dropping ride height up to 2 inches over a standard Silverado while adding nearly 3/4 inches in track width
  • Considering the bloom of “sport truck” offerings in the early 2000’s, the SS didn’t provide the horsepower or performance that people were itching for (buyers were hoping for the 400hp LS6 from the Z06, which would have been very doable – it worked fine in the CTS-V). However, with a monochromatic paint scheme, lowered stance, and just enough “Super Sport” swagger, the SS tugs hard at the hearts of Chevy aficionados. Add in the enormous aftermarket support and parts availability, and you begin to see why the SS holds its market value so well
  • Chevrolet considered installing their Quadra-steer 4-wheel steering from the factory, but the system added too much weight and cost – none of which the SS needed. Offered on other GM vehicles as a $5,600(!) option, the steer-by-wire system turns the rear wheels the opposite direction of the front wheels, allowing trucks of any size to make tight turns with ease. At high speeds, all 4 wheels turn the same direction to improve stability
Key Model Year Changes:
  • First year of the SS Silverado (built from 2003-2007)
  • This is the only year that features a return-style fuel system. The following year (2004) made the switch to a returnless fuel system
  • Chrome wheels didn’t become available until 2004 (standard on 2005+)
  • Options that weren’t available until 2005 include RWD, a sunroof, cloth interior, and Silver Birch Metallic paint (replacing Arrival Blue)
  • 2005+ models also have electric cooling fans, upgraded 145 amp alternator, no carpeting on the door panels, no side lumbar support, and only a single antenna for OnStar/XM (instead of 2). The front brake rotors were enlarged from 12″ to 13″ as well
  • 2006 models have an updated grille shell and “Powerdome” HD hood. AWD is dropped in ’06
  • Note that RWD models have a 2 piece steel driveshaft, while AWD models have an aluminum rear drive shaft. RWD models ditch the rear disc brakes for a set of drums. Also, RWD models have a 14 bolt rear end (3.73 ratio) while AWD models use a 10 bolt rear end (4.10 ratio)


Seller Notes:
  • 35k original miles
  • Black/black
  • Tonneu cover
  • 3rd owner
  • Garaged its entire life
  • None of the plastics are faded
  • Truck is in great condition


  • Location: Denver, Colorado – (more photos below)
  • Update: Craigslist ad is no longer available (sold or expired)

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